Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Prep

I'll probably be locked in a hotel room here at the convention center in Vancouver during the debate tonight, so I'm not sure how Dave J. will get his news about the debate, but here's some material to help you prep.

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  1. Um, those videos pretty addictive. That's why I stay away from You Tube - I could watch videos like that all day. (And I'm sure many people do!)

    I was at a friend's house last night and we played the debate drinking game...take a drink when they say "maverick", "main street", etc etc. Good times!

  2. I think the drinking game winner was Joe Plumber last night. Both sides were playing by the end. On NPR this morning, between pledge drive announcements, Joe Plumber described the candidates use of his name as surreal. He refused to say which one he would vote for.

    For the record, John McCain is not speaking to me when he says, "My friends." I am not his friend. Friends share their 7 houses with each other, or at least invite them over for barbecue once in a while.

  3. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Just read the debate transcript, plus defective yeti's liveblogging on it. What's with McCain pointing out Obama's "eloquence" all the time? Reading the transcript just pointed out how disjointed McCain is as a public speaker. And frankly I'd rather have someone who can speak well in public as president, since...that's a big part of the job and all.

    At least Bob Schieffer kept asking them to actually answer the questions, something Gwen Ifill evidently doesn't enjoy doing.

    Also, when the whole "Joe Plumber who wants to buy a small business for himself" thing came up, I thought to myself, "Gee, I'm worrying about the cost of food right now, and this dude's buying a business?" Not much sympathy for that sector right now, I'm afraid.

  4. Eloquence is a bad thing, when the slick Mr. Obama, alias that one, uses big words we do not understand to confound us into voting for him. We should cast our ballots instead for a true American Hero who suffered so much for us that we owe him everything even if he is a Republican simply because he has two word phrases that are so meaningful, like "Country First," which we can all understand. Right after "My friends" comes "trust me." I am not buying either one.

  5. Reading your twitter, I am trying to figure out which side I am on. I am surrounded by sewing materials and laundry baskets.... but let me explain, I thought the one with the most material when she dies is the winner, and those laundry baskets, mostly dirty clothes. Overall, I know where I am if you look at my house.

    I am actually not the one wondering where my groceries will come from, I leave that up to the "there's no food in the house" teenagers

  6. I know I am not eloquent, however my baby brother is very eloquent. I could listen or read eloquence all day, it just never comes out of me.