Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feist/Jean-Pierre Rampal mashup

It's amazing how much I can learn when I read something better researched than a blog post. For example, Happiest Toddler on the Block is teaching me why 3B couldn't eat corn by himself or draw circles until recently, when his wrists became able to rotate. Of course, this might also be why he can now twist some doorknobs enough to open some doors, so there's a downside to progress.

HTOTB also explains that when he's three, 3B might begin adding words to sentences, so instead of saying "Hi," he will say "Good morning." So I guess it makes sense that he told Mama that his tie-dye looking key resembled his teacher's shirt by saying, "That key looks like Ms. A's shirt." Or that the other day, he asked for a Feist/Jean-Pierre Rampal mashup.

3B differentiates Feist's two performances, and the other day, when we were in the car, he wanted "Sesame Street Feist," which we don't have on the iPod. We told him he could watch what he refers to as "sparkly Feist," but his second choice was Jean-Pierre Rampal. When we explained that we don't have the Jean-Pierre Rampal video on the iPod either, 3B asked for a "sparkly Jean-Pierre Rampal." We told him we'd have to Google that when we got home.

In addition to negotiating, 3B has already started asking those five W questions that HTOTB talks about: who, what, where, when and why. He even remembers the answers. Last night, on the balcony, he looked up at the planes drawing silver contrails through the lavender sky and said, "Those are planes making those marks on the sky." He added, "They are full of people." I asked him where the planes were going. "To the airport."

He's going to be one of those kids who tries to game the IQ test.

Apparently, he'll also start using "OK" to negotiate soon, as in, "Let's stay at the playground, OK?" He's already started using it on the other end of sentences, as in, "OK, now we are going to play tent with all of your friends." OK, so maybe negotiating isn't his long suit. Every family needs a leader; ours has 3B.

Several weeks ago he mastered another essential element of speech: Um. It was shortly after he converted from "Yes" to "Yeah" when he started saying things like, "Um, do you want to play your guitar on the stage? Yes, you want to play your guitar on the stage." He's also taken to saying, "You want to go out on the balcony, bub."

Um. I wonder where he got that from...Mama? Whatever, dude. So long as he doesn't become a boy who says "ummm bub."

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  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Bwahahahaha! You are doomed, my friend! You had to go and make a smarty pants, didn't you? Hmmm...I'm guessing you and mama aren't the strong, silent types.

  2. Silent? Me? I'm sorry, have we met? I'm Papa Bradstein.

  3. And to think my kids didn't use the phrase..."we will have to google that" until they were much older than 3. As for the ipod, the first one we had was purchased by my oldest when he was in high school. Ahhhh development is so wonderful. I think the next major development you can look forward to is "Why? Why? Why? Why?" eventually you realize they are just saying that because they are bored and it keeps you talking. Easy enough to break, ask them Why back.

  4. Each step toward independence and maturity is exciting until it is scary. Words are just tools, like doorknobs. We learn how to use them better as we get older, then we learn how to do things with them we never imagined.

  5. After sharing those lovely videos with my kids, we decided that the sesame street video teaching us to count to 4 was preferable over the sparkly version of the similar song. I will always sing those words (which by the way make more sense) when I hear the song on the radio.

    And how can you go wrong with Fozzy Bear on the piano? Nice to see that your kid will have good taste in music. Loved the hecklers!!

  6. VB LOVES Feist. The only problem is that for months, when counting from 1 to 10, he'd skip 7 and 8. Damn you, Sparkly Feist!