Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Her name is Fifi. She is a cow.

This first one is in part for 3B, who likes particular cows here on the farm. Fifi is one of his favorites, so I took this picture for him when I was out walking through the pastures with Barky. It's also for Gage, to remind him what real cows look like.


This next one shows you just how far Mama and Papa's discipline slips at Grammy's house--which is 3B's Great Grammy's, so it's an exponential slip for him. Yes, he's eating a fresh carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting (courtesy of Grammy, who also baked fresh vegetable strudel for us for dinner). And yes, he's eating it off of a knife.

Cupcake on a knife

And this last one, well, I just liked the looks of it.

Red in the sky at night

And now, I'm off to have one of those cupcakes. And maybe a spot of tea. And maybe another piece of coconut cream pie.

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  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Good gravy--long naps, homemade cupcakes, live concerts...are you on some sort of awesome vacation or something? All I did today was buy a toilet plunger and laundry soap, take the kid to the doctor, grocery shopping, and cold fried chicken for dinner. I want a Grammy's house! Waaaah!

  2. well, it's funny that you mention COWS for my little one...
    Yesterday we got to watch the "Texas Stampede" through downtown Dallas. They have a longhorn drive through the streets of downtown Dallas.

    Gage's observation about these big ol' longhorns who were just feet away from poking his eyes out with the tips of their horns: they poop a lot!

    Good taste in cows, 3B. Fifi looks like a winner!

  3. oh, and according to my nutritional math: carrot cake counts as a vegetable, cream cheese icing is categorized under dairy, and eating off a bread knife cuts all caloric intake in half. 3B totally understands me.

  4. Amama: You know that I'm only mentioning all of that to taunt you, right?

    L-P: That stampede sounds Good to know that we're keeping up nutritionally, no matter what all those experts say.

  5. I should try eating more off a knife... I like the cuts the calories thing. I thought the only thing to eat on a knife was peas.... or corn bread which also goes will with honey.

    I am impressed he is using a utensil. Mine still eat with their hands and fingers, licked for cleanliness of course.

  6. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Now you're just a stinker.

    But I'll forgive you. I think I might have seen some fall color here yesterday, so I don't feel so bad. And though it's not a cow named Fifi, we do pass by sheep, horses, llamas, goats, donkeys, and an emu every day on our commute, so I get my livestock fix.

  7. I rode my bike by all sorts of fall colors yesterday, as well as cows, dogs, horses and a field of alpacas.