Friday, October 10, 2008

Mama's side of the family shines through

The great Bradstein evacuation is upon us. I'm departing for a week long business trip and Mama and the boys are taking refuge at Grammy's while our bathroom is demolished and then rebuilt.

Anthromama wanted before and after pics. We've cleaned out too much of the bathroom to give a full appreciation of the horror of it in pictures, but I believe that this shot of the incredibly tiny, useless, and noisy-as-hell hamper gives you an idea. And yes, the whole room is that color, which makes you feel like you've walked into a Serrano photograph, which makes the room as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Before I depart, I wanted to note a few new developments in 3B that I'm proud of, which means that they probably all come from Mama's side of the family.

3B now...

...says "I" instead of "you" when referring to himself. Like most other developments, it seems to have started today and he's using about 80% of the time, which means that by tomorrow morning, he should be at 100%. Mama also notes that he's using "me" and a greater number of contractions. great big hugs unprompted. The other day he even blurted out, "I love you Daddy," without my having to promise lollypops or chocolate or a trip outside to play drums on the balcony. Remind me...why am I leaving for a week?

...quotes passages from books as he roams through the house, plays with toys, rides in the stroller, lies in his crib before falling asleep and so forth. I'm constantly impressed by his capacity to instantly memorize stories, although if you visit and don't know that he's quoting Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon, you might be disconcerted to hear 3B say, "The executioner's great ax glinted in the moonlight."

...executes a perfect one-cheek sneak, especially in his booster seat during meals. And laughs about it.
OK, that last one is probably from my side of the family, but I'm still proud of it.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Uh, I'm in some kind of awe that you compared your bathroom to that particular artwork. Thats...unprecedented.

    Wow, saying "I" is a big step in consciousness. What's next, differential calculus?

  2. I told you to bring him with you so we could entertain him for a week.... look at what you are missing. Next time listen to your sister.

    I am glad that we can take credit for his one cheek sneak, my kids will be proud of that.

  3. Amama: But apropos, no?

    KMoo: I should always listen to my sister, but you know how I am about following directions.

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Yeah, if you're stashing crucifixes in there.

    I'm missing an apostrophe in there...must have been trying too hard for content vs. quality that time :-)

  5. The color of the place must remind you what to do in there.

    At our house, the girl child loves me forever (until I make her do something horrible like college application essays) since the acquisition of the Blitz texting device, that some days works as a phone too. She has learned to call instead of texting for missing homework or lunch. The response time is better, but her preference is text.

  6. Do you have a video camera? I bet 3B would be amused to see footage of himself at this age, quoting books and whatnot. That is SO cute. Oh, and "Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon"? You guys are awesome. I would like 3B to read that to me the next time we come over...