Monday, October 20, 2008

Planes, trains, automobiles and leaves

I just spent a week there, but if you want to know what Vancouver looks like, don't ask me. I'd tell you that it's nothing but a convention center and two hotels, and that most of the time, the only thing you can see is the fuzzy pink wall of a tiny convention center office behind the glow of your computer monitor.

It was, of course, somewhat more fun than that, but what's the fun in letting on to all that?

Seriously, there was excellent food, fun times with coworkers, and a far-too-early flight out to NYC. I spent a quick night with my friends who I married in May, then hopped on the Ethan Allen up here. Speaking of the efficiency of train travel, have you wondered why Amtrak makes you arrive at Penn Station, only to bus you across town, where you arrive late, without tickets, and have to race to the train through the mobs of Grand Central? If not, you clearly haven't ridden the Ethan Allen.

It was, of course, somewhat less fun than that, but who wants to hear all that?

And if you are riding the Ethan Allen any time soon--go straight to Grand Central and enjoy your trip. It was a beautiful ride up the Hudson River Valley while the setting sun was setting ablaze the fiery fall colors that are now flying from the trees before wintry winds. I stepped off at a small brick station, boarded up now, where I watched the heavy waning ivory moon lift above the outstretched naked tree limbs, heard the haunting horn of the train calling through the night as it passed into the next town, and traced the snaking lines of the tracks into the blackness of the forest as I waited for Mama.

Now, I'm where the real fun has been happening, at Grammy's farm. After taking a four-hour nap today while 3B did the same, I'm feeling much better. Hopefully, 3B will wake tomorrow feeling better as well; we put him to bed tonight with a slight fever. That seems to have slowed him down a bit this afternoon, although it didn't stop us from playing at the sawmill and taking a ride up to see the barn.

Before now, he's been keeping Mama too busy for her to take many pictures, but she did manage to squeeze off a few shots just before I arrived.

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  1. Is that Mama in those leaves? Way to go Mama. I know my #3 would be jealous. Playing in fallen fall leaves is her favorite.

  2. Why yes, that is Mama. 3B buried her. You'll just have to send your #3 back here to join in the fun. She needs to hurry, unless she likes playing in snow too.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I can't tell you home much I'm missing those autumn leaves. Never thought I'd say that, growing up in CA. But even Sacramento has better autumn than Pocatello.

    Somehow, the phrase "Grammy's farm" just sounds like heaven. We all could use one of those.

  4. Most of our leaves are falling from pine trees, and they are really no fun it jump in. They are far too pokey. I am glad you have the fun kind. Our neighbors have the fun kind, and sometimes they blow over to our house too.

    I am surprised to see you took that guilty green guy on your trip. I hope you left the orange stuff home. Shadow is glad to see that Barky is having fun.

  5. Amama: They're monochromatic, but I always liked autumn in the Rockies with the quakies. None of those in Idaho?

    CAGirl: Well, even if he has that shifty look, the green guy is lots of fun to have around. So is Barky, even if he's still a little barfy.

  6. Anonymous1:21 AM

    There are some, but evidently they don't like to grow within the city limits.

  7. She does snow too, but dried leaves on the ground are her favorite. Maybe I will need to get my house worked on next year and "have to" go to Grammy's Farm. I agree, everyone needs one of those.

  8. Amama: Sounds like time for a guerrilla planting raid.

    KMoo: Yes, being here does make the hassle of the new bathroom almost seem worthwhile. This is certainly better than living in our house without a kitchen for a month.