Thursday, October 02, 2008

Please don't vote.

Given that I have six loyal readers, I went over my quota by one just by posting this here.

Register to vote!

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    You mean the liberal media elite actually might be patriotic and care about the election process?

    No way.

    Too late, I registered the day before yesterday, neener, neener, neener.

  2. I registered before the primary, so I get to vote for the same guy twice. I hope he wins again.

    Unfortunately in my state, primary votes do not count, only caucuses. Someone had a ski race on caucus day, so I did not do that. I did vote though. Around here it is all "vote by mail" which once was called absentee.

  3. Does "6 loyal readers" count those of us who read by Google Reader, or other RSS feeds?

    I'm guessing not, because I get comments from people who read my blog, but I can't track online.

  4. Amama: I suppose.

    CAGirl: I hope my guy wins again, although he may lose in my state, although even in that case, he may win in the nation.

    Bill: You should use Feedburner.

  5. If you only have three commenters, not counting yourself, maybe you did not get the message out to all 6 of your loyal readers... or we were just gone for the weekend and didn't read it until now.

    I voted once in the primary and plan to vote again. SNL is having way too much fun with Palin it might be worth keeping them around, or not.

    My eldest daughter managed to get registered in time to vote for a president. Only because her mother brought the form home for her. She also went to the caucus earlier in the year, which I didn't go to since I had to get someone to dance in the middle of it.

    I didn't watch your clip, but I did see a long one on Ellen which said don't vote... unless you care.

  6. KMoo: Yeah, I'll be sad to see Tina Fey go, but not as sad as if Palin becomes President. I've had enough of folksy; this time, I want smart.