Thursday, October 02, 2008

The scene of the crime

The crime, discovered following naptime.
The crime

The scene of the crime. The scene was slightly rearranged since discovery. When Mama and I came in, the crib was over by the door and the table. Ask us how it got there...go ahead, ask. There's only a few individuals around here who know how a crib can move all the way across a room during naptime and they're not talking.
The crime scene

Individual #1 who is not talking, who would be the key witness if he would only talk. He was in the crib the whole time, and he didn't blink even once during the crime, but he just won't open his mouth.
Key witness

Here's suspect #1, mostly because he has that guilty look.
Suspect #1

Suspect #2. Face it, if something happens around here, Barky's on the short list.
Suspect #2

Suspect #3. No circles, no paragraph on the back, but I think the arrow tells the whole story. But c'mon, he's way too cute to be guilty, right?
Toddler of interest

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  1. I think you should have someone check your washing machine, it is leaving funny orange stuff on your sheets, which then gets in 3B's hair when you force him to sleep on them.

    Everyone else in innocent, blame the machine.

  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Last time we had a nap adventure like that, a certain little girl got carried away with cutting out little "coins" out of 3x5 cards and cut holes out of her sheet as well. We were not amused.

    The time before that, the wall was mysteriously emblazoned with pencil scribbles.

    We obviously have an office-supply control problem.

  3. CAGirl: The washing machine won't give us a straight answer...nothing but spin.

    AMama: Is your red stapler missing as well?

  4. I blame the green guy - he's got that shifty eyed look.

  5. Plus he's got that anti-authoritarian look, what with his tongue sticking out and all.

  6. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Oh, the fun get funner!

  7. Oh my goodness.
    Y'all are ALL in so much trouble!

  8. oh, and I blame the green guy too.
    George may be curious...but, nah, he wouldn't do it. The dog...uh-uh. 3B---hello, with a sweet face like that you know he didn't do it. It was definitely the green guy. And, the orange in 3B's hair---I think he was assaulted. Let's not blame the victim here.

  9. Aunt M: Yes, the fun do get funner on a daily basis around here. Currently he is once again napping in a crib that has somehow made its way over to his bedroom door.

    L-P: We were in trouble from the moment Mama said, "If we have a boy, I hope he's just like you."

  10. I love the crime scene. I think I would wait until George talks to know what really happened. I would not jump to conclusions here. Maybe there was an earthquake. That would explain the crib moving again today, an aftershock.

    I just spent the night with my co leader (GS) and 8 girls... well really one of them counts as an adult, but she is still a girl to me. I had a hard time getting them out of bed. Wait until he is a teenager.

    At least he is being creative and not painting with poop.

  11. KMoo: He saved the poop painting for Mrs. K at daycare. She just laughed about it. The pope really needs to beatify her soon. OK, he also did it to Mama, but isn't he supposed to do that to us?

  12. When you say "he" I hope you are not speaking of that innocent child in the last picture. I know he is too GOOD to do anything that fun TO his parents or babysitter.