Monday, October 27, 2008

Senator Biden is now my homeboy

No matter who you're voting for in the presidential election, this video of a 5th grade reporter, Damon Weaver, covering Biden's visit to his school is well worth watching.

It's fun to see how enthusiastic Weaver is about being a reporter and covering a vice presidential candidate and to hear him speak in his own voice rather than the buttoned-down-boring-as-dry-white-toast vernacular of network talking heads.

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  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    That was very, very cool. I'm glad to hear that the Dems are choosing "tight" music for their rallies.

  2. I think I would listen to more interviews if they were done by kids. In the meantime, I will vote for those with fascinating and fun names.

    #2 got to vote for her very first time!! She was very serious about things and wanted to read everything and know about everything, until I handed her the voter booklet. Then she wanted the 'I can understand it' version. She ended up voting with the same strong convictions that her other family members use.

    3 of us have already voted since we do mail-in in this state. All of their campaign dollars are now being wasted on all those ads that I don't want to watch.

  3. Okay I watch SNL too.

    I am in it for the entertainment value.

  4. I have my ballot, but I am with #2 on the reading everything part. I end up voting no instead of reading when I run out of time. Sometimes I let my husband read everything and tell me about it before I vote.

    I hope you have enjoyed all the visits from the candidate to your now important state. Just remember to vote for him.

  5. Amama: It's right in line with our Fridge DJ toy, which announces that "the tunes are tight and the learning is right."

    KMoo: Me too. In fact, perhaps we should send a petition to the networks asking them to put in one kid interview into every hour of news...and at this point, is anything left except the entertainment portion of the competition?

    CAGirl: He may have visited, but I haven't seen him. If he shows up here and changes a diaper and washes a bottle, then perhaps I'll have time to go see a campaign rally...but then, of course, he'd be here, so I wouldn't have to go to the rally.