Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A three-minute blockbuster

This one's got everything--a live concert, an encore, leaf throwing and jumping, forklift driving, a log carriage rolling in a sawmill, and a surprise ending with the hero.

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  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    I know a certain six-year-old boy who would have been awestruck by that sawmill.

    3B's doing three-syllable words? What's next, reciting Milton?

  2. I never got around to sending pictures from vacation, but I need to since I took some pictures of the "Saw mill" for 3B.

  3. Amama: Milton? Oh, should we start him with the classics? Hold on, I'll have to get him to put down the Eco.

    KMoo: Yes, any pictures of the "saw mill" would be appreciated. But he also doesn't know what he hasn't got, so there's no real hurry.

  4. I am glad we can keep up with 3B from here on the left coast (sort of coast) with your fine pictures and movies.

    First you teach the kid to be careful with sharp objects then you pay someone to wave them around his face. Parents are so confusing. I am glad the trauma of hair removal was sweetened by the lollipop. He is still too cute for words, so I am glad we get pictures.

  5. If we don't contradict ourselves, whatever will he complain about when he's a teenager?

  6. Safe and warm: 93 degrees forecast today, and we're watching brush fires gobble up hills over by the Getty Center. Just to keep you up to date on your California dreaming.