Monday, October 06, 2008

Women and children last

Recently, 3B and I haven't been sleeping so well, although he's got a sound reason for that; my problems are all in my head.

Just in time for this weekend, 3B came down with a snotty cold that came with a mild fever. It didn't stop us from going down to Art on the Avenue where he rocked out to some gospel and got to play a violin, cello and bass in the musical instrument petting zoo. It would have been fun to see his music teacher, who was performing there, but Mr. Nate came on during naptime, so we had to miss that.

Nor did it stop us from going for a walk in the woods on Sunday at our local national park. 3B had a great time finding sticks, putting acorns in his pockets, "fishing" off of bridges on the trail, and looking at axes and saws in the visitor center. All the activity didn't really help him get more sleep, since his nagging cough from his draining nose was keeping him up. Some fine medicine did help him get some more sleep last night, although he's already coughing again as I write this, which means that he's going to be over an hour short on sleep again today.

As for me, I was able to sleep through the night last night, which was better than most recent nights. I haven't had a cold--knock on a bottle of Robitussin--to keep me up, just my slowly exploding mind. Beyond the recent obvious stress-inducing events in the financial market, which have had a significant effect on those of us who work in the nonprofit sector, and some events at work, our upcoming two-week long home evacuation and bathroom demolition and reconstruction--oh, and we have to get new kitchen counters, courtesy of our original kitchen installer who botched the counters twice--have had my mind clicking away at all hours of the night.

  • Will they be able to work on Columbus Day? No.
  • Is the plumber available on the day after Columbus Day? Maybe.
  • Will the bathroom sink and cabinet fit through the door? Who knows?
  • Where will we put everything from the bathroom and kitchen so that 3B can't get to it? Uh...on the balcony?
  • What if they can't finish before we get back? Do any of our neighbors have a spare room? Actually, we just need a spare bathroom.
  • Will the new tub fit in the elevator? Will the old one? Will we have to lower one off the balcony?
  • Will they put a tile backsplash around the bathroom floor?
  • What color grout should they use?
Seriously, while you're strolling through Dreamville, I'm worrying about grout colors. I should count my blessings (read: blessing that Mama is smart and hard working and renegotiated her contract) that we're able to get this work done. The bathroom has been a hazard since we moved in, but it's been the least hazardous of rooms until we got everything else fixed. Now, however, it's like a Ford Pinto parked in a garage full of Aston Martins.

But it's also our only bathroom, which means that for them to complete this work, we have to bug out of our house for two weeks. Or longer, since now they're not sure that they can be done in two weeks...except they have to be done in two weeks, since we have to move back in after two weeks. Mama and I did fine in Morocco without flush toilets, but I'm thinking that going without any toilet won't work so well here. See why I only get three hours of sleep? For the first week, I'll be heading to Vancouver for work, for which I have to leave before Mama can head out. While I'm out there, Mama will somehow clear out the kitchen and bathroom and corral the boys and drive them up to Grammy's, where I'll join them for our second week, before we all drive back down together.

It will be a full-on planes, trains and automobiles trip for me, since I'll fly into NYC to see my friends who I married earlier this year, then train up to Grammy's farm. We'll also bring our whole three ring circus back through NYC to spend a night with them on the return trip. I'm not sure what they did to deserve that, but they agreed to it.

Here's hoping that our luck holds and we have a bathroom when we return, and that my planes, trains and automobiles trip goes a bit smoother than the cinematic one.
"There's no way on earth we're going to get out of here tonight. We'd have more luck playing pickup sticks with our butt cheeks than we will getting a flight out of here before daybreak."

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  1. Good luck with all that. I hope the plumber works on Yom Kippur.

  2. We've been in the same boat- cold wise, not bathroom. It's just going around the family and I keep catching the edge. I'm a bit stuffed up one day and a little feverish the next. Hoping it leaves soon (yours as well).

  3. CAGirl: Hm. I have Yom Kippur down for this week, and they start next week. Here's hoping they work through the Festival of Booths.

    Whit: Oh, I'm sure I'll catch it will hit me just as I step onto the plane to Vancouver. Yeah, I'm all cheery like that in the dark months.

  4. We still want to see you even if you are stuffy and feverish. We need to work out some details. Big J is fighting off a cold and going to college. Perhaps she will have some empathy for you.

  5. Anonymous11:50 PM

    The kids just got over the "wake mama up every three hours with the nagging postnasal drip cough that doesn't actually wake us up and that doesn't respond to either the humidifier or the Vicks or the cough suppressant" thing, so you can keep those germs on the East Coast, thanks. I hope 3B gets over it soon.

    I assume you'll share pictures of the spiffy new stuff once it's done?

  6. There is National Bosses Day on the 16th and United Nations Day on the 24th, if you need an excuse.