Friday, November 21, 2008

Drug czar goes to pot

I know that it's the last days of the administration, when you can get away with anything, but you'd think that they would lay off the wacky weed until January 21, especially in the drug czar's office.

Apparently, however, no Dorito is safe in the Office of National Drug Control Policy, because who else but someone who just burned through a bag of chronic would post a Google map showing all the locations where you can buy weed in San Francisco?

You can tell that whoever did this really had the good stuff, since they got 27 locations wrong and accidentally posted the locations of every Starbucks as well. Starbucks? Hey, I don't want no fru fru latte making me all uptight when I'm chilled like this. C'mon man, where's the 7-11? You're not holding out on me, are you bro?

I'm not terribly surprised by this latest product from the same Spicolis who, as the article points out, produced illegal covert propaganda using your tax dollars.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I love how our gubmint only has the highest ideals in mind:

    "[Because] the video releases were going to be 'controversial or create an appearance of a problem,' the agency decided it was not worth pursuing."

    Not because they were in violation of the law or anything -- just because of how they "appear". And implying that if there weren't a controversy, they'd go ahead and break the law anyway.

  2. Tea, dude. You can get tea at Starbucks. And Peets. And you know what they say about coffeehouses in Amsterdam . . .

  3. You can always tell a Dutchman.... you just can't tell him much?

    I have never been to Amsterdam.

  4. Amama: As Nixon said, if the gummint does it, it's not illegal. And Nixon wouldn't lie to us, would he?

  5. Anonymous10:03 PM

    My kids wanted to put up Christmas lights outside our apartment, and I had to explain that we weren't allowed to do that. My son then said that probably the apartment manager could do it. I said no, the rules apply to anyone who lives here, including the manager. And then I had to sit there and feel disgusted that our leaders don't think the same way. Nice role models for my kids, thanks.

  6. Christmas lights look wonderful on the inside, like all around your bedroom.

  7. Anonymous10:53 PM

    In our last apartment we decided to leave up the Christmas lights we had strung up around the living room. We had to call them "happy lights" when it wasn't December. So I'm sure we'll do the same here, except I can't talk about that because the father of the house has put an absolute ban--and I mean verboten--on anything Christmas-related until after Thanksgiving.

  8. That's why they call him Father Christmas.

  9. Last I checked, it is after Thanksgiving 2007, 2006, 2005 . . . Go hang those lights. They are just happy lights anyway. Put up a sign that says "Seasons Greetings" too. In July it means Happy Independance Day.