Thursday, November 20, 2008

Falling and laughing

Mama's still in Ghana, so I'm doing all the running around with 3B that she usually does. This includes dropping 3B off at school and picking him up. The drop offs are pretty traumatic for 3B, with lots of sobbing, even though he says he wants to go to school, wants to see Mrs. I, his teacher, and wants to go to movement class or music class.

By the afternoon, when I pick him up, all of that is forgotten and he's running around the playground with his peeps, having a blast. We talk about his day as we walk out to the car and drive home.

Papa: Where were you when I came to pick you up today?
3B: In the playground schoolhouse.
Papa: What were you doing?
3B: Having a meeting.
Papa: What else did you do on the playground?
3B: I was jumping off two steps.
Papa: What happened when you jumped off two steps?
3B: I fell.
Papa: Oh. Then what happened?
3B: I laughed.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Some days it's more falling than walking.

    I wonder what toddler "meetings" are like. Do they have an agenda? Or just snacks?

  2. I hope he is smart enough now to know whether it was a face plant or a butt plant when he fell.... and then laughed.

    I would think they have just snacks at toddler meetings. Those are the only meetings I show up for.

  3. Anonymous3:54 AM

    OK first completely freaked out. I played the video and it also opened another one in a wwindows tab that I didnt know about. So the song was just crazy looping.

    Second it led me to this

    TCB on PCP

  4. Amama: Just remember to laugh on those days. Falling is funny, as every two year old knows.

    KMoo: Oh, he knows the difference. They didn't appear to have snacks at the meeting, but perhaps they were watching a PowerPoint about strategizing how to leverage one of the adults to get some.

    King: Mwhahahahahaha. All part of my evil plan. I saw that Lou and Laurie thing, which was cool, although her violin was buried in the mix until the end. And was he reading the lyrics at the beginning?

  5. Hey! Are you blogging at us, or are you just practicing for one of those performances of yours?

    I've seen Lou Reed reading lyrics before. (Dylan 30th Anniversary?) I have heard it explained that he has short-term memory problems. Dunno what the truth is.

  6. Look at me...look at me...look at me...I'm not blogging at you; I'm just another Laurie Anderson clone.