Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now it's your turn

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  1. Proud to know I'm not the only one who still enough of a sucker to believe in the electoral process.

    They had run out of doughnuts where I vote, so I had to give it some serious thought, but I decided to stick around and fill in a ballot.

    Congratulations and well done. (Or should I say "Mission Accomplished"?)

  2. Our favorite coffee shop was selling coffee and donuts, which I foolishly passed on...and then nearly passed out from low blood sugar.

    I didn't have a second chance, since they were at the back of the line, way past where I took this video, which shows about 1/4 of the line.

  3. I wish I could help you boys, but we have mail-in and I dropped mine in the box weeks ago, and then later did Child #1 and then Child #2. I assume Mr. Kangamoo got his own in the mail.

    I know the official day is today, but I was done with the election a while ago. I got a call from a hopeful potential governor this morning, unfortunately I had just stepped into the "library" so the message rolled to the answering machine. I erased it.

    I hear we can stop by Starbucks, Krispy Creme and Ben and Jerry's for a free sampling. I am debating the drive up to Tacoma for a free goody. I can get 3 free starbucks without leaving my small town, who knows how many I can get if I wander 1 mile away to Olympia. I will need to google B & J, that would be worth the drive for me.

  4. PS the downside to mail-in voting is....... No Sticker saying "I Voted". The hunt is on so my first time voter daughter can wear one today.

  5. Make sure you get to Krispy Kreme before Starbucks, so you can dunk. B&J's can be dessert. Your daughter should steal her sticker from a voter...it's her civic duty.

  6. No one has one since we all vote by mail. I think I can get one at the farmer's market. I should go soon so she can wear it to class.

  7. I filled mine out on Sunday and my husband dropped it in the box yesterday. Yeah, he got to vote twice. We do not get stickers here either, but there is a nice box outside the library all the time to remind us where to drop ballots without putting stamps on them.

    My girl wants to vote but there is something about being 18, so she will have to wait until next time.

  8. Anonymous12:12 AM

    We must have just lucked out, because there was no line at all at our polling place. They gave my boy a sticker too, so he could get a free cuppa joe with us. Just kidding--he's a bourbon man, all the way.

  9. CAGirl: Glad to hear that the vote early, vote often movement has made it out west.

    AMama: We got lucky that Mama got an extra sticker so 3B scored some ice cream. Unfortunately, no bourbon flavor, so we went with vanilla for him, whirled peace for us. Mmm. Peace is so satisfying.

  10. I took the day off from work and went to vote at 2:30 pm. I was in and out in about 90 seconds. Awesome!

  11. LB: Good for you, and you suck.

    Mama also had to wait until later in the day and she was done in about 20 minutes.