Monday, November 03, 2008

Waking up with Gene Kelly and a pack of Shiba Inu puppies

I'd like to have five minutes with whoever invented Daylight Saving time. Actually, I'd like an hour with them. Actually, I'd like them to spend an hour with 3B after he gets up at 5:30 a.m., so I can get the rest of the beauty sleep that I so desperately need.

I'm not sure where 3B found the energy, since I'm pretty sure he was still rolling around awake in his crib at about 9 p.m. last night, listening to Mama and me talk to Books & Crackers and her man about clothes and movies (Mama and B&C) and politics (Mr. B&C and me). And yes, Liberal Banana, my language was as clean as that of a drunken sailor in a knife fight.

Speaking of knife fights, I'm glad to report that that hot mess that has been 3B's upper lip has started to clear up as of this morning. It's been a red zone of nasal drip, scratching, and cold sores that's been painful to look at for several days now. The nadir was yesterday, when I had to have Mama bring nail clippers down to us when I had the boys out for a walk since 3B kept scratching open his upper lip.

Oh c'mon, you didn't think that I'd leave out that detail, did you?

Regardless of his appearance, 3B always pops up like hot toast when he wakes up. Although I'm more of a morning person than Mama, I'm pretty sure that 3B didn't get his instant on morning personality from either of us. It's either from my Dad or the nefarious influence of one of his favorite videos, which he called for again this morning, although that could be just because he has something of a crush on, as he says, "Kathy Selvin."

So, tomorrow, as you're waking up one hour too early to go to work, lying there unable to go to sleep, cursing the time change, try watching this to cheer up.

And if that doesn't work, try this.

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

And if that doesn't work, well, I have nothing to help communists wake up.

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  1. Singing in the Rain is for teenagers, who stay up all night. Not toddlers who should be sleeping. I watched Royal Wedding on Saturday night before going to bed early so I could get up and go to Seattle for the day. Nothing better than dancing on the ceiling, other that dancing with a hat rack.... some real classic stuff.

  2. I hate mornings, but my kids love them.

    I do love Singing in the Rain though.

  3. Monday morning was fine. 5:00 did not come as early as usual, and it was light when I was driving home from the pool.

    My bike ride Sunday afternoon was rather shorter than I planned when it was suddenly dark at 4:30. Winter is not for the faint of heart.

    When 3B is done at my sister's house, he can come and sing and dance here as early as he wants. He might wake his girl cousin too early for her taste, but she will forgive him because he is cute.

  4. Whit: I don't mind them, so long as I can take them at my own pace, which just happens to be slower than 3B's pace. Bummer for me.

    CAGirl: If you get on Skype, you can put your laptop by her bed and we can have 3B wake her up with dancing and singing.

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM

    I HATE daylight savings. Quit messing with the sun, already!

    I've always wanted a Shiba Inu. My cats, however, beg to differ.

  6. What kind of drugs were they on to be doing that at 1:30AM?????

  7. AMama: I don't like it either. Quit messing with my son, already!

    AR: The happy kind.