Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What goes down must blow up

This must be fall because everything's falling: the Dow Jones, our sense of reality, and snow.

To be fair, half of this snow was traveling upward in the eddying winds just off of our balcony, but I'd rather call this season Fall than Blow Up.

Fall...the season when snow falls

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  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I'm sorry, everybody here in Idaho complains about how long and cold the winters are, but it was practically warm today, and there's no snow to be found. I'm getting a little miffed. Of course, I always do this, expecting snow in November. Maybe I'm meant to live in the Great White North or something.

  2. Too bad Idaho is not in the north or anything. We don't have snow yet, but there was a year we got snow on many different birthdays here, just west of Idaho, on the water. November 2, November 20, and January 5. Of course it melted between each occurance. It may have even snowed on April 30th too... amazing. Somehow it did not snow in July or August, sad day.

    We will try to send some precipitation, cold precipitation to Idaho. Once Papa has it, we won't get it.

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Thanks Kangamoo. Nothing worse than frozen ground and no snow for kids trying to play outside.

    PB: Beauty.

  4. Good Day, eh? So like, um, this is the part of the parents blog where we teach all your kids how to play Beer Hunter, O.K.? So like, their friends won't give 'em a hard time for being hoseheads, right? Moms and Dads: You can play too.

    Take off.

  5. They are promising something almost like snow tomorrow night just west of Idaho. Maybe you will get some to, eh. We will send it if we get any. At least I have that kind of tires on my car now.

  6. Cheers on getting those Canadian type tyres on your car, eh.

  7. You can go to Canadian Tire and get those tires, and also some dishes and towels and clothes.

    I always laugh at the name of that store.

    It sounds like you are ready to come and see me.

  8. We're always ready to come see you, but we can never find your stop on the Metro.

  9. If you take the red line to Union Station, hop off there and onto the Capitol Limited for another Union Station (Chicago) where you transfer to the Empire Builder, three days later, we will pick you up downtown. How could you miss our stop? Maybe you did not stay on the train long enough.

  10. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Partly cloudy, for the next 10 days. I feel so ripped off. Now I really need a beer.

    I'm pondering the Canadians I have known. Most recently was a Quebecoise, so with her the "eh?" thing had its own special soupcon. Also an Albertan, who more or less just sounds Midwestern. Oh, and a hippie lady from BC. No ice fishing, no beer drinking. Now I feel ripped off again.

  11. Definitely time for beer hunter.. eh? Yep you need a beer. I have a friend from Toronto who had the entire eh thing down and didn't even know. We giggled every time she said it... then she realized that she was CAnAdiAn through and through..eh.

    There was time we went out drinking too. I am not much for the beer, eh, so I just had to wear my touque.

    Hose head

    Lets have a beer

  12. Dude, I have not seen one...wait. It's snowing outside. Before I typed that I thought I'd turn around and check and well look at that. It's snowing. So I'll just shut up now.

  13. Hey, no snow here yet today, but there's still time.

  14. No snow here, just in the pass for all those football supporters going to the big U-Dub vs Wazzu game.

    We had rain, now we don't. The last big storm blew over to Montana, I am not sure if Idaho got any snow... I did my best.