Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hot time in the ice town

As I'm loading up the car tonight for our trek south tomorrow, it's starting to sleet. However, in the cold, I'm kept warm by thoughts of our happy Christmas, which included video chats with three of my siblings, Brother #2, Sister #1, and the newest blogger in our family, Sister #2.

It also included several concerts...or an evening-long concert, depending on how you view the breaks for technical assistance and snacks. And yes, I have become a roadie for my son.

Here's a little taste of what kept us laughing all through the fifth night of Hanukkah, courtesy of our new Flip camera...

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  1. What a performer. He is adorable. Good thing he has a roadie, because I think that is how you will get rich in your old age.

  2. Seriously, American Idol has nothing on this guy. (Drive home safely.)

  3. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Hmmm....somebody loooves the limelight, eh?

    I love that: "It doesn't work" when the guitar doesn't do what he wants. His roadies must have been slacking.