Sunday, December 07, 2008

Santa's second life

According to Google, Santa's nothing but an avatar.

And, according to NORAD, a homeland security threat...does he have to take off his shoes at the airport?

Of course, that's all lies, since we all know the real story of Santa Claus.

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  1. Silly, he wears boots, not shoes.

    Your favorite niece sang along with a lot of that real story of Santa Claus. I think it is her favorite. Well that one and I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

  2. I am not sure what the truth is here, because everyone has their own idea. I can still hear the sleigh bell ringing though, and I know he travels by magic, so he can keep his boots on when he comes here. We will be leaving out cookies for the big guy and a carrot for Rudolph, and our chimney is nice and clean, thank you very much.

    Your comment counter is a grinch though. Two days ago it had me at 65, yesterday was 64 and today is 63. I think it likes my sister better.

  3. KMoo: She shares taste with your mother, who always liked that song.

    CAGirl: A rising tide lifts all boats, and in a shrinking economy, everything gets downsized.

  4. Is that what happened? Now I know I just need more shrink wrap to deal with this economy.

  5. I am cuter too if that counts for anything. Of course it likes me better, mom liked me better too.

  6. For all I know that thing is run by displaced Wall Street traders, and we all have seen how good they are at math.

  7. Anonymous11:29 PM

    I don't know about Google, but we just saw the Man in Red Fur today, and my girl ran right up and gave him a big hug, requested a LEGO set, and stroked his soft white beard. Can't wait to see the picture.

  8. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Speaking of boots, watch the Santa Boot Camp video.