Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Observations of the inauguration from a two-year-old

3B was at school today, where they watched the inauguration. When we arrived to pick him up, we got a report on 3B's viewing activities.

Guess who was the only two-year-old to stand up and yell, "That's Yo-Yo Ma!" when he came on the screen? And who was the only one to stand up and cheer "Obama!" and clap wildly when Obama was speaking?

We came back home where 3B, in the spirit of civil disobedience, refused to take his nap. When he got up from his crib boycott march, he grabbed his squeezebox and sang, "Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Oy oy oy oy!" (Peoples of various Zions unite!)

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  1. I am glad to see he knows his stars, musical and otherwise. Some folks around here were not as excited about the whole thing. Personally, I stayed home to hear the speech before I volunteered in the library this morning. They were understanding. It turns out they had it on the big screen as part of education.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I watched the video of the oath and speech with the boy this afternoon. Then we're driving to pick up Papa and the girl later, and in front of us is a Ford Focus with New Mexico plates, and the driver and passenger are smacking each other around good naturedly and being generally silly. They might have been black, or maybe it was just the lady passenger's hair, but the boy shouts out to me, "That's the Obamas!"

    I had to disabuse him of two things: the Obama family was not in Pocatello at 4:30 pm today, and they probably don't drive a Focus from New Mexico. But I'm glad he's at least paying attention.

  3. CAGirl: Yeah, 3B's school just gave in to the inevitable, and the fact that only about three kids from each class showed up today. Not surprising, given all the fear of traffic tie ups. All that fear certainly worked in our favor...we got home and back in about half the time it usually takes.

    Amama: I'm about 90% sure that if there was another cello player there, 3B would have called him Yo-Yo Ma. 3B loves the cello and loves pretending he's Yo-Yo Ma, but for now, that's the only superstar cellist he knows. So, I hear you about the boy's observation of folks having a good time and the assumption that they're the Obamas. Well, even we adults only see what we're looking for sometimes, right?

  4. My boys sat and clapped when they should and screamed and cried when they shouldn't. The music looked nice.

  5. Anonymous9:18 AM

    (1) How cool is it that 3B even knows who Yo Yo Ma is? I LOVE that.

    (2) A friend of mine who is a hard-core Obama fundraiser has been talking to her toddler son throughout the entire election cycle. Last week, he revealed that he learned a little about politics at school also. My friend ended up having an informal talk with the main administrator. Her question? She just wanted to know which one of the teachers told her son that if McCain was elected, there would be no more Christmas.

  6. On the political front, #4 here is still confused about our Governor Christine Gregoire and Hillary Clinton. Both of them are old ladies with similar enough hair. He sees both of them often enough on TV and is really confused about what job either of them is doing. I can agree with him on that last point.

    Apparently they watched the swearing in at our schools here in Washington, the real Washington.

  7. In our house it Brock Gobama. Everywhere we go Little Man has to run and point at the pictures to tell me "Daddy, that's Brock Gobama. See him?"

    We don't have Yo yo Ma but Little Man likes Pink and Cher. He has gay dads, there might be a little influence. You should see him give the rock star head shake as he sings a long.