Sunday, January 18, 2009

School of Rocknoceros

3B's been waiting for this moment for...well...since the last Rocknoceros concert we went to, which makes it 18 days.

Shortly after that, we saw posters at 3B's school for a Rocknoceros concert in the auditorium. Today, the waiting was finally over. This short clip hardly does the event justice, but it gives you some idea.

To give you more of an 3B went dancing for the first time ever at a Rocknoceros show, he went straight into--and through--the mosh pit after the show to get hand stamps from Williebob, he went onstage after the show and helped Coach Cotton put away his drumsticks and then cheered for Boogie Woogie putting away his drums and then got to strum Williebob's banjo.

Next time maybe we'll get there early enough to hang out with the caravan in the parking lot before the show, maybe play a little hacky sack, buy some patchouli oil and some bean cakes, and test out our taping rig so next time we get better quality tape.

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  1. I love how he spends some time working out which way his hat should point: Which posse am I going to hang with, the turned-completely-around dudes, or one of the mafias that sets it cockeyed but not 180 degrees off standard?

    Great clips!

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Dude, is he, like, the youngest groupie ever?? He beats out my girl and her love of Bossy Frog by a few years!

  3. It looks like 3B has his first girlfriend. Either that or she did not like his hat. Must not have been a party hat.

  4. Actually, his girlfriend from school was in Florida over the weekend and couldn't make the show. We didn't know this girl would be there; she just found 3B and he was his natural, warm, charming self. I suppose that's my side coming out...