Friday, January 30, 2009

That place formerly known as the real world

As I got on the empty bus this morning, the driver asked me, "Who you got in the Super Bowl?" Clearly the man doesn't know me well.

When I was a kid, I could have probably had an hour long conversation with him, analyzing the odds of each team based on roster, bench strength, past performance, weather forecast, and Super Bowl history. Today, however, I'm lucky if I can skim the Sunday NYTimes sports page.

However, thanks to Black Belt Mama drafting me in to her Fantasy Football league, I do know a little about who's playing. If you know anything about my record in that FF league, you know that the emphasis is on "little." But still, we talked about how Warner had carried my fantasy team, what his odds were against the Steelers defense and so forth.

Another man got on the bus and the conversation turned to boxing, at which point I dropped out. But it was an interesting insight into how the social power of blogs spreads beyond blogs and even into the offline know, that place formerly known as the real world.

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  1. I was happy when they added more playoff games and moved the silly thing past my birthday. When we were listening to the news this morning, they were talking about what wine goes best with nachos. That's NPR for you. I am still not sure which teams are playing. After I ask who is winning, I usually follow it up with a query regarding who is losing. Then I promptly forget.

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Football...that's the game with the hemet and shouldermepads, right?

  3. CAGirl: The Super Bowl party I went to was almost entirely vegetarian, so it's not just NPR. (The exception almost doesn't count, since it was chicken on a pizza, which is like wine at a football game.)

    AMama: I'm guessing from all of your comments in the past half hour that you're not watching the game, then?

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Nein. We have no TV. And we couldn't care less about football.

  5. Chicken pizza is my favorite when you are not around.

    We have a telly so we can wii, but starting in 15 days, no more reception since we have no rooftop antenna. This conversion is really bad for the occasional viewer, but we should be able to catch the really important stuff on the internet. I should get together with anthromama sometime.

  6. CAGirl: When I was not so vegetarian, chicken pizza was good. You should eat it when I am around too. I don't care, and neither does Mama. We'd both rather that you get what you want, and we can go halfsies if we order a pie together.

    Amama: Yes, you two should get together. You're just about up each other's alley, and you're separated by a thin state border, which is just a line on a map, not a wall on the ground.