Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guitars and Planes

Recently, we went to the Air and Space Museum, as you know. A few things I forgot to mention about that trip...

While 3B was whaling away on the buttons of some exhibit, he said something like, "I'm a woman" or "I'm the lady." It's hard to remember because he takes on so many other characters every day, from Coach Cotton and Williebob of Rocknoceros to Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11. For several days, he was "an old woman" and responded much better when we would address him as "old woman" rather than by his name.

He also takes liberty with the identities of everyone around him. Mama and I have been recast several times over the past several months, and currently 3B's dragon doll, the stuffed animal formerly known as Puff, is now Armstrong--as in Neil, not Lance. He did have a moment of transition, going from Puff to Puffstrong to Armstrong, but now he's firmly Armstrong. That's in keeping, since 3B is pretty firmly Buzz--as in Aldrin, not Lightyear--these days, and he pals around quite a bit with Puff Armstrong, flying to the Moon (his futon), getting into his rocket ship (tunnel cube covered in a blanket), going back to Earth (the floor), or Mercury (depends...could be futon or floor), or Venus (also depends).

So, when 3B announced at Air and Space that he was "that lady," Mama just said "uh-huh," if she responded at all. However, the father of the boy who was at the console next to 3B turned to Mama and said, "My son said that earlier today too--that he was a woman. I told him, 'No, you're not. You're a boy, and you like girls.'"

OK...seriously? I guess that by your insecurity and public compensation, you're saying that that's your jacked up, chromed-out, ginormous red pickup in the parking lot?

Mama was speechless. I asked her what her reply was. She said that she couldn't think of anything to say, so she said nothing back, and shortly after that 3B ran away to the next shiny thing. I guess I don't know what to say to that man either, except that the boys are both two...the world is full of possibility and wonder for them. Don't cut that off with the dull blade of your insecurity.

The other item I forgot to mention about our trip to Air and Space is that I took our video camera. If 3B had sat still for more than 20 seconds at any location, well...you can see for yourself how the trip went. Before the museum footage, I included some from his recent concerts, including an accordion concert for Grammy, because I was clearing clips off the camera and because guitar and space travel are his two great loves, so they go nicely together.

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  1. If ladies can fly, why can't boys?

    Nice video. I am glad he likes the sweatshirt I sent.

  2. Agreed. One of 3B's favorite planes was Amelia Earhart's...even if he couldn't climb into it.

    He does like the sweatshirt, so he wears it a lot since it's often hard to get him to wear a coat outside.

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Methinks that daddy doth protest too much...secretly (and ashamedly) attracted to men, are we?

    I wonder if he's really prepared to withdraw his love if at some point his closely guarded son declares his sexuality to be other than what daddy imposed on him? Why is it really that important?

  4. Hard to say what was going through his mind or heart or what he would do if his son grew up to be a woman or gay. I can only hope that love does truly conquer all.

  5. It is Lightyear all the way in this house!! I will have to send you all the pictures... and there are A LOT!!

    I see he held still there in the end of the video, only to watch something that was moving.