Monday, February 09, 2009

Hanging with the big dogs

The weather was so nice this weekend, we spent every minute outside that we could. This involved some cajoling, since 3B gets intensely focused on activities these days. When he's playing mechanic with Daddy's tools, don't even think of suggesting playing guitar, but when he's playing guitar, get these tools out of his way now!

We did convince him to ride his bike (read: trike) down to the race track, which is a gated cul-de-sac that our street abuts. He and I ride in circles there, racing each other, although he's sometimes more interested in getting off and wandering through the trees or chasing up and down the steps of the pool house.

This weekend, however, when we got to the race track, there were three big kids there on roller blades. They were all at least high school age and 3B wanted nothing more than to play with them, have them chase him, chase them, and so on. It was adorable to watch him pull up to them time and time again on his trike while they were gathered around playing with a cell phone or iPod, look up and say, "Guys! Come chase me, guys! Guys! Let's race around the race track! OK? OK."

I love it when he converses with himself.

And I love it even more when strangers oblige my child's wishes, so I made sure to profusely thank them for playing with 3B. They chased him, raced him, and generally goofed off with him for probably an hour. I don't think I've every seen such a big grin on 3B for so long. He loved playing with them. We finally had to tear him away to eat dinner, but not before I captured some of the fun on video.

It's hard for me to fathom that just a year ago, 3B would play in the same room as other kids, but didn't really want that much to do with them, and ham. Gee, wonder where he gets that? It does make me nervous, of course, wondering how he'll feel if he ever gets rejected in his bids for attention and validation. Around home, he lets out a piercing scream, but he seems to sense that this isn't the best course with strangers.

Now, if only I can convince him that he doesn't know me, I might be able to keep my hearing until I'm 50.

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  1. He looks like he is ready for the big time, and safe too, with that helmet.

  2. I can hardly wait until this weekend when we get to see him and hopefully my #4 will have his manners and be a good playmate for him.

  3. He can't wait to see you too, which goes for me too.

    Hopefully, we'll have our manners. Right now, all we've got is a lot of screaming.

    Don't you wish you were flying with us?

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Those were BIG kids! I'm always grateful when older kids are nice to little ones.

    My son has encountered older kids in the neighborhood who were less than nice to him, and made fun of him for wearing pink gloves. Grrr.

  5. Didn't nobody teach them about angering mama bear?

    Don't make me come over there.