Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lance's time trial bike stolen at Tour of California

"Trek team liaison Ben Coates has reported that Lance Armstrong's time trial bike has been stolen along with three other Astana team road bikes sometime after the opening prologue of the Tour of California."
--Breaking news from Cycling News
It won't affect the Tour of California stage we're going to see tomorrow, which comes across the Golden Gate Bridge, then down the coast until it turns up into the mountains, where we're going to be waiting for it, but this still sucks.

As Lance writes, WTF, people?

I have two thoughts: one is that someone's trying to throw him off his game with a distraction. I don't think that will exactly work, given some of the distractions he's surmounted in the past.

Which reminds me that Lance tends to ride harder and faster when he's angry, so maybe the more likely suspect is Johan Bruyneel.

Whatever the case...not cool, people. Not cool.

But I will enjoy watching Lance tear the legs off of everyone until the bike is found.

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