Monday, February 16, 2009

Veni, vidi, cycli

This morning we went out to watch the Tour of California in a downpour that would have had Noah casting off his lines and battening down the hatches.

It was a great day to be out. If you were a salamander.

The redwoods were spectacular, although, as 3B observed, "They are not red." Astute lad. He also suggested that "Next time we go to a bike race, it should be sunny." Wisdom is wasted on the young.

Brother #2 and I, who apparently don't have the sense in a nickel, walked 3B a mile or so down Tunitas Road, and then headed back toward the car when 3B's protests let me know that he was past done. I had tried to take into account the toddler propensity for not complaining until their situation is dire, but even so, it was a long walk back up Tunitas to the car.

However, it was a fantastic stage, even if we only go to see it for about a minute. 3B loved the pageantry of the parade of race, team, and police vehicles that precede the peloton, and as you can hear, he loved cheering for the bikers. Even the team cars get a shout out from him.

But yeah, we're waiting for the Palm Springs stage before we come back to the Tour of California.

If you want the full effect of this video, put on three layers of clothes, turn your shower on full blast cold, and open all the windows in your house--or turn on the air conditioner if you need to. When the temperature hits 40 degrees, stand there for one hour, then play the video. When it's done, hike 1.5 miles up a 7 percent grade carrying a 15 pound backpack, a 12 pound stroller that keeps slipping off your shoulder, and a 40 pound sack of concrete, into which you have to stuff pita chips every 15 seconds.

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  1. I am not too sorry I missed the rain, but that is a great video. I always wonder about the photographer when I see wild weather shots.

  2. Obviously my son is wiser than yours and decided to stay home in his warm bed until later in the morning. We can go outside in the cold rain pretty much any time we like.

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Ah, [wipes tears from eyes] I so needed that laugh this morning. Hope you were able to dry out overnight!