Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why going to work is a relaxing break for me

...although it's not nearly as amusing or entertaining.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Not sure if I'm appalled or reassured that the screaming at high decibels will continue for at least another year. Hmm....Maybe see you this PM picking up da boyz at Mrs. K's.

  2. I am not freezing, the sun is out here. I see he has a pocket knife, and I was wondering what was making noise. My son's doesn't make noise. Poor Barky. Poor, poor Barky.

  3. Again? Again! I'm glad to see he remembers the bike race, and is committing his impressions to song, although I wish he'd remember the part with the cowbells and the excitement instead of just the freezing. Shades of a picnic at Bear Mountain, I guess. Encore!

  4. Wow! That boy has the lead guitar moves DOWN!!

  5. BTW, I have that exact same calendar on my wall.

  6. Gage watched 3B with me.
    "Who is that boy?"
    "We call him 3B."
    "Can he play with me?"
    "Well, he lives far away."
    "I'll just go far away to his house and play with his toys."

    ....mama & papa, i'm not sure how long it will take Gage to get to your house---but if you see him knocking on random doors in your neck of the woods---please take him in!

    SOME day...when/if we ever come to the northeast, we'll have to let these two rockstars meet!