Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting bunked up

The much awaited event arrived and it was close enough to perfect that I won't blemish the memory of it with details. 3B arrived home from Mrs. K's with Grammy to find brand new bunk beds in his room.

OK, for a moment he was more fixated on watching Down in the Valley, but once he saw his new room, he was happy to play in there, both on his new beds with their cool IKEA linens and on his old futon with a 10-year old sheet pulled over it.

I love the new look of his room. The linens are a sort of Twitter-logo-meets-Juno-animation depiction of a menagerie. The white beds are perfect against his red walls and alongside his white dresser and closet doors. It was disheartening interesting to find when we bought these that white furniture is reserved for girls--the salesman went so far as to tell us that we didn't want white for our boy, that we wanted brown...because he's clearly been to our house and seen how it's decorated--and that white furniture costs more than shit brown boys furniture.

Has the free market really determined that parents aren't willing to spend as much on their boys as they are on their girls?

Before I ruin the moment more than I already have, here is 3B cavorting in his new room, and for those of you willing to wait a minute or two, there is footage of me, taken by our budding cinematographer who is now more interested in taking pictures than being in them.

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  1. It is all about control, and what did you do with that ladder?

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Yeah, Daddy, where's the ladder? Is there some kind of bunk bed ladder mafia? Is that sinister houseplant in on the disappearing ladder deal?

    Good lord, I am getting really and truly sick of all this gender separation crap. You know, way back in the day, men could wear lace and stuff. That's one reason we like wood furniture -- it's brown, but it's not gender stratified.

  3. Both of youse: Da ladder is an an undisclosed type location.

    Seriously, I would tell you, but what's to keep you from IMing the location to 3B?

    "Back in the day, men could wear lace and stuff." Are you talking about Prince concerts in the 80's?

  4. Love the bunk beds

  5. I hope he has enough stuffed lovies to put on that top bunk just like his cousin J here in this house.
    I can see that nut did not fall far off the family tree.