Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's on third. We're not talking about him.

My favorite conversation with 3B this week.

Me: "What's the magic word?"
3B: "What."
Me: "What do you say to get what you want?"
3B: "What."
Me: "What do you say to be polite when asking for something?"
3B: "What."
Me: "What is the magic word?"
3B: "Can I have some of those what?"
Perhaps during all of those rehearsals with Tom Crouch in 7th grade for our award winning rendition of Who's On First?, I put a bend in my DNA that was passed on to 3B.

Mea culpa, Mama.

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  1. I remember taking my older child to a magic show at the library when she was 3B's age. When the man asked the kids if they knew a magic word, mine said please.

    Good luck with that one. She seems to be over it now.

  2. So I only have 16 years to wait?

  3. What is on second...

    My kids will tell me the magic word is NOW!!
    I wonder why they don't get more of what they want, asking that way.

  4. "Now" is pretty popular around here too. As is "I wanna." But neither one is magic.

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    We're always arguing about whose genes the kids inherited their freakishness from. I think it's a toss-up.

    On the other hand, I did participate in quite a few Abbot and Costello routines in 5th grade....