Friday, March 06, 2009

Now a three-parent household

Mama's mom arrives tonight for a two-week stay so that I can keep working a regular schedule while Mama returns to Brussels for another meeting. As I've said before, we're all always glad for Grammy's company. In addition, just as I enjoyed hanging out with and getting parenting tips from my sisters recently, it's always insightful to hear Grammy's parenting perspective. Plus, it's amazing what gets done around the house when there's a 3-1 parent-child ratio, and one of those parents isn't working full time.

Of course, having Mama go to Brussels for five days is a steep price to pay for all the good times we'll have. While I believe everything Rain Man said about air travel, Quantas doesn't fly to Belgium and it's nerve-wracking to be so far from Mama. I feel the same way when I leave; it makes me feel powerless. The reality is that if 3B bumps his head or gets sick when we're together, it's still Mama who has to deal with it, since I'm at work during most of our waking hours. But still, not being within 1,000 miles of Mama leaves me feeling marooned.

Fortunately, there are enough distractions during the day to keep me from getting preoccupied with those feelings--like a toddler who can climb up onto his toy bench and reach the knife block on the kitchen island and who wants to see what it feels like to put a screwdriver in his ear and who thinks that any open space in a parking lot is an opportunity to attempt to lower his personal best time in the 100 meter dash.

Whoever posited that humans have a survival instinct never met a two-year-old.

One of our recent brunch guests laughed when he overheard me bargaining with 3B, "How about you give me that knife and I'll give you your chain saw." Who knows what 3B will attempt this weekend, when we're having brunch with Steve and Larry. They have more wit in their little fingers than I'll ever possess, so it's likely the witticisms will come from their side of the table. We're all looking forward to catching up with them and hearing the news about their new house which is about 3 light years closer to us than their current one.

Did I say free baby and dogsitting? No, I didn't, but thanks for offering, guys.

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  1. I think that definitely falls into the "things I never thought I would say" category. I remember those good old days, only it was a fire engine (which he left in the kitchen by the counter as he came to show me his newest toy) and a q-tip in the ear (and an emergency room visit late at night). Ahhh the good old days. Now it is just random chipped teeth, bumped heads and cuts (hmmm will he need stitches.. it can wait because I am visiting) He stopped the bleeding and yes it needed stitches.

    I am talking about my own kid here, I don't think I have the room to mention how many times I was home for my own brothers. "Is this my Pooky?"

  2. KMoo: You forgot the pig and the broken leg (and the bacon cremation) as well as Brother #2's famous question, "Do you think my arm is broken?"

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    There's a good year or three where the desire to explore seems to overwhelm any survival instinct.

    My captcha word this time was "sedativi" -- something all parents of two-year-olds could use sometimes.

  4. Amama: Yeah, it's one long trust fall.