Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One for the road

This is a long distance dedication going out to Mama in Brussels from her mom and her 2.5 boys--Barky's the half since he's missing half of his squishy bits--back here in Northern Virginia.

Things are going so well that I was even able to finally capture 3B singing the song he's been obsessed with this week...but which he won't sing as soon as a camera is within the same zip code with him.

I like how he explains sinners at the end. I've been telling him that a sinner is someone who transgressed, but obviously Mama's explanation is winning out. Whenever I say "transgressed," 3B mutters something about "Occam's razor, old man."

Maybe you can make out what he's saying:

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  1. I sure hope mama loved that. It is amazing how much he absorbs.

  2. Including his pronunciation of "sinners," which comes out as "sanners." If you listen to the video he's learning from, you'll hear why.