Monday, March 09, 2009

Out of the crib, into the bunk bed

This is the big week. The week that everything changes. The week we burn the candle at both ends to get more rest.

That's right, this is the week that the bunk beds arrive.

Yes, bunk beds for our one child who is still sleeping in a crib.

Our reasoning went like this: Grammy needs a place to sleep when she visits and currently the only spare bed we have is a futon on the floor of 3B's room. We sold the frame on Craig's List and had intended to get rid of the futon shortly after, but with the mattress flat out on the floor, 3B began to use it as a multipurpose play place. It was a great place to be rough and tumble and for all three of us to stretch out and read bedtime stories, so we left it there.

But it's not much of a place to sleep for an extended stay, like Grammy's current two-week visit and her upcoming stay when the new baby is born. On top of that, 3B will move to a big boy bed somewhat soon, and if we got it now, Grammy could sleep in it. Even after 3B's sleeping in it, she can sleep in it when she visits, and we can set him up with an air mattress on the floor for a "fun adventure."

At least that's what we're telling ourselves we'll call it, right before we tell ourselves that he'll love it.

All this got us to thinking that in about three years we'll need to repeat this drill, and wouldn't it be nice to have matching beds, and maybe we could get bunk beds now that we could unbunk later because that wouldn't take up any more floor space...or maybe we should get even more versatility for our money and floor space and get a couch that folds out into bunk beds...and it should be easy to pick up some bunk beds in the four days before Grammy arrives, right?

They were easy to order, but not so easy to receive before Grammy got here, so she's sleeping in our bed with Mama while I'm on the aforementioned futon. It's not so bad, but my knees and back are younger than Grammy's.

On Wednesday that all changes with the arrival of the bunk beds, which I'll get to assemble--here's hoping that even though we were bargain shopping, this bed bargain isn't as perilous as 3B's crib bargain was.

It should be an interesting transition. I've already gotten plenty of advice and some frightful bunk bed vs. toddler stories on Facebook. We're planning to leave the ladder off until 3B is old enough to sleep up there, which might help us avoid some of the perils since Mama is convinced he won't try to climb up the frames.

Time will tell.

We were more worried about the transition from full-size futon playplace to no futon and only a twin bottom bunk bed to jump on, which is likely not as much fun without a helmet. We've decided, however, to try leaving the futon in the room, partially tucked under the bunks, figuring that if 3B does monkey his way up higher on the beds, he'll have some cushioning if he falls off. Provided he falls off of the side with the futon.

So, although everything is changing, we're trying to keep things as similar as possible. Although we still haven't figured where we'll put the toy shelves. Or how we explain to 3B that the baby gets a new crib because his is too hazardous to sleep in.

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  1. The futon is good for when he tests the sides of his new bed when he is asleep. The best way to learn how to stay in still is falling out the first couple of nights.

  2. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Yep, when we got the boy his first big boy bed, he fell out once. But only once. So far no one has fallen out of the bunk beds, but there's a really hefty rail and we've strongly enforced the "no jumping off or any monkeying around on the top bunk" rule. But I like the futon landing pad idea too.

    That couch/bunk bed conversion is a cool idea, but it looks kinda flimsy and none too safe with that minimal rail. (And what's with the commenters on that site? Ya can't click on the link to the manufacturer to find out how much it costs?)

  3. Good to know that the futon plan is mom approved. I'm sure that falling out even onto the futon will be startling enough to 3B, even though it's a low bottom bunk.

  4. Oh, yeah. I'm totally sure he won't ever try to climb the bed frame. Or squeeze between the bed and the wall to learn how to scale a chimney. Or test how the top bed is attached to the bottom one by putting himself under it and lifting. Or jump up and down on the top bunk (because the bottom one's too low, right?).

    No, he'll be just fine, and well behaved, and not at all curious or adventurous. Sleep easy. You've got absolutely no reason to worry.

    Fortunately, kids pretty much mend themselves. And for the worserer issues, there are emergency rooms. With a smile like that, he's going to charm the socks off the docs.

  5. Mama wanted him to be just like you, didn't she?

  6. MrJumbo & CAGirl: Thanks for your continued support. And for the reminder of the curse.

  7. Reminder of the curse? My comment to was going to be that if he was anything like you he would find a way to fall and completely avoid the futon. Nice thought though, maybe he won't hurt himself.

  8. Or bounce off the futon and get his head wedged in between a fence post and a concrete sculpture.