Thursday, March 05, 2009


Despite clamoring from tweeps to the contrary, I resisted the urge to take a picture of 3B's first ever poop in a potty. Mama was at prenatal yoga, so she missed the moment.

Then again, who wants to come home all blissed out to a picture of a turd?

Besides, with any luck, she'll have plenty of chances to see him poop in a potty in the near future.

For the record, everything was cool. 3B loved being able to use toilet paper and flush--two of his favorite surreptitious hobbies, but now fully excused.

He also loved waving good bye to his poop, and although there was a brief moment of horror that crossed his sweet little face when his poop disappeared out of the toilet, we just kept talking through the moment and it passed without further ado.

Chalk one up for being a chatterbox.

However, I'm not sure what brought this on so we can repeat it. It might have been a comment I made about one of his stuffed animals using his potty, which might have inspired his fierce toddler competitiveness and possessiveness. Great. Now I have to read my Freud to see if I'll have a competitive pooper on my hands for the next 18 years, or until he can afford to pay for his own therapy.

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  1. My favorite story is when we were traveling south, and #4 came running out of the restroom where we had stopped for lunch, all excited saying, "Hey #1 you gotta come see this. It is the biggest poop I have ever seen!!" I told him to go back in and flush the toilet. The others were amazed that I knew he had not done that yet.

    Congratulations 3B, many happy returns to the big boy throne. Therapy is really not as much as they say it is on TV.

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Rock on, 3B!

  3. gage has done that in the potty exactly 2 times.
    now, we've regressed for some reason, and it's...well, it's no longer in the potty & I could just pull my hair out.

    May you guys celebrate, and more importanty---may the behavior last & last!!!

  4. KMoo: Even I knew that he hadn't flushed and I wasn't there. Does that make me psychic?

    Amama: Thanks for your support, but I'm afraid that 3B is on the Gage schedule. As L-P observes, the follow through is the hardest part here.