Saturday, April 04, 2009

Can't touch this

We took 3B to the National Gallery of Art today to meet up with his Aunt S and Brilliant Cousin.


Unfortunately, I'm not so brilliant as his cousin, so I missed hearing our GPS try to route us around the @#$%@#$^ Cherry Blossom Festival traffic, and we ended up taking about 45 days to get the five miles into DC. It didn't help that DC blocked offramps from the highway without so much as a notice up the road that they were doing so.

I took the closures and the policemen sleeping in their cars on the offramps as friendly reminders of why we left the district years ago.

We did make it to the gallery at everyone's lunchtime, so after admiring Mercury and his caduceus in the rotunda, we retired to the cafeteria, with its waterfall and brilliant walkalator.


Mama and I switch hit during lunch. I took 3B over to the waterfall while she ate with Aunt S and BC, where I let 3B walk right up to the glass, which caused a security guard to tell him to step away. Not before I got a few photos, however.

Happy boy

Fortunately there was a shiny thing nearby that I could distract him with before returning to the table.

Best walkalator ever

Best walkalator ever

Best walkalator ever

When Mama was up with 3B, she took him down the walkalator again, then up to the East Wing, where she let him touch stacks of rocks, which prompted a security guard to again reprimand him. The guard felt bad about it, especially when 3B broke down crying. Mostly that was because he was overextended, so Mama brought him back to the cafeteria and we headed home.

Not before going by the rocks again--nothing like getting back up on the horse--and playing on some other rocks nearby.

East Wing, Nat'l Gallery

So yes, we took 3B to a museum full of the best art this nation has to offer so that he could see the cafeteria and be scared away from art.

Tonight we're all going to the Nat's exhibition game with the O's, which should be fun. You know, if 3B is allowed to touch anything there.

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  1. I think you saw all the best parts.

  2. Looks like fun, 3B!

    ...and isn't it just so much fun to torment those security guards???!!!

  3. CAGirl: We did. Their names are Aunt S and Brilliant Cousin.

    L-P: I think so, but 3B was a bit more sensitive about it.

  4. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hey, art appreciation takes time. Especially with roadblocks both on the road and shooing you away from da art.

    (I showed that first photo with the hat to Anthropapa, saying, "Look, a mini Papa B." Anthropapa replied, "I don't remember Papa B. having his finger in his mouth that much.")

  5. That much. Nice.

    But no comment on the hand bling?

  6. If you're very lucky, you might come close to touching a baseball at the Nat's game.

    I've come about 15 feet from a home run ball, and about 10 from a foul ball, but catching either would of been awesome.

    Still, it's good you're getting him interested in great sport.

  7. We were pretty well covered, being above the bullpen, but we did get to see the right fielder pull in a long drive right in front of us.