Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hiking with Sisyphus

Earlier this week, 3B met up with some friends at a local park to go for a ride with friends.

They were supposed to all three be there at the same time, but the way schedules and traffic worked out, first one friend was there with 3B, then when he left, 3B's other friend arrived.


Unfortunately, 3B's trike/bike/motorcycle broke while he was there, which left Mama carrying that along with all the other requisite toddler gear. But that gave 3B plenty of time to recover from his ride and explore the stream.


In fact, Mama said it was nearly impossible to get him away from the water. They would walk 10 feet away--up the steep hill back toward the car--and then he would run back, forcing her to chase him, since he was usually doing something perilous by the water. Of course, all the while, Mama was schlepping his bike and gear.

Nothing like a hike with Sisyphus.

Speaking of uphill both ways, through the snow, barefoot and all that, I've been riding my bike to work, in part so I can tell my kids when I'm (soon to be) an old man that I too, rode uphill both ways to work, just like my parents before me, and their parents before them, and so on.

Well, for that reason and because I'd like to make brain tumors history.

If you don't believe me, here's a map of my round trip ride to and from work. Click on the View Elevation button at the bottom left to see the route profile.

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  1. He clearly takes after his oldest girl cousin. Can't get her near water without her going in. This includes but is not limited to puddles, rivers, lakes streams, rainstorms (snow storms)and the occasional pool.

  2. Nice ride, with a little coasting at each end. I should look at some of mine with that tool, but I might scare myself.

    Of course 3B loves water. Too bad about the bike. I am sure Lance can recommend a sturdy replacement for him.

  3. KMoo: Yes, he's always been a big fan of water, since his first bath in the bathroom sink.

    CAGirl: Coasting? It must not show the hill we live on clearly. However, there is a long downhill stretch on the way home.

    I'm sure Lance can, although since Papa already fixed 3B's ride, he's not looking for a new one anymore.

  4. not often you see Sisyphus referenced in blogland...I loved the post...and having living in Northern Virginia many years ago I do not envy your commute...I know your route all too well.

  5. I missed the fact that the middle of the elevation was work. Lots of fun hills. I will send you one or two of mine someday to compare. Living on the top of a hill does come with a price.