Monday, April 13, 2009

Our morning at the White House: Roll your own

I'll have more details later. For now, suffice it to say that it was fantastic. Yes, I've been awake since 5 a.m. Yes, the lines were long. Yes, the Obamas came out before we could get into the grounds. Yes, we got to see him read Where the Wild Things Are. Yes, we're all tired. And yes, we'd do it all again.

No, we didn't roll any eggs. The crowd was about 20 deep when the Obamas were at the egg roll and then the line extended down the entire lawn after that. We'd had enough waiting in line by the time we got in, so we went to events without lines, like the Fergie concert and the basketball court.

If the recession didn't change the exchange rate and 1 photo is still equal to 1,000 words, here are our 28,000 words about this morning.

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  1. Nice, so exciting. I love the new banners.

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM

    I have to admit I still shake myself when I see the Obamas, like...this is really just a glitch in the neural program our robot overlords are feeding us in our pods...they aren't really our First Family, right? I guess it seems too amazing to be true.

    Those are some spiff shoes, 3B.

  3. KMoo: You know who to tell what you think about the banners.

    Amama: If so, it's quite a glitch--they seem as much like some of my neighbors as the First Family. OK, so not my neighbors, since I live in Crazy Town, but you get the idea.

  4. How nice to have regular folks at the top now. I completely understand being done with lines. It is very important to take what you can get at 2. The rest of it can wait.