Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our son has the chinas

Last week Mama was bathing 3B while I was in New York and had this dialogue with him:

3B: I have the chinas.
Mama: You have what?
3B: I have the chinas.
Mama: [connecting the dots] ...Oh. No, sweetie, you have a penis.
3B: Nooo. I have the chinas.
Mama: You have a penis. Boys and men have penises. Girls and women have vaginas.
3B: [agitated, starting to cry] Nooooo! I have the chinas! I have the chinas!
Mama: OK, sweetie. You have the chinas.
3B: [returns to playing in the bath]

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  1. That about sorts Freud, I think...

  2. Whether it's the chinas or cojones, just keep 'em in your chones.

  3. URD: Sometimes the chinas are just the chinas.

    MrJ: You know it, man.

  4. When he is a little older and no longer wears that diaper, he will be glad to have male plumbing in the great out of doors.

  5. ...ahhh, he's what? 2 years old?
    ...and already requesting the "chinas."
    Slow down, partner!

  6. Way to go Mama. If you can't beat them, join them. When baby 2B comes along, he might think otherwise. I know my #1 wanted me to look at #2 because he was arguing that she was a girl. I had to lean over and look at NOTHING. "See mom, she is a girl"

    I am glad that 3B has the chinas. and may he stay 2 forever... just like my #2.

  7. Anonymous10:16 PM

    That is just awesome, particularly Mama's mad translating skills.

    Now, I remember learning in college that Freud was wrong, because feminists have deconstructed his views to show that the boy has a hard time separating from his mother unlike....ah, forget it, 3B's too little for all that jazz. Chinas for everyone!

  8. CAGirl: Especially when he's atop something tall.

    L-P: Are you kidding? Slow is not a speed we have around here. Life is lived at full tilt.

    KMoo and Amama: Yes, chinas all around.