Monday, May 04, 2009

OK, so long as he's not inspired to get a nose job and a chin cleft

Mama just wrote to me that as she was listening to the monitor to see if 3B had fallen asleep yet after half an hour in his crib--as of two minutes ago, he had not--she heard him singing

"Come on, girl!"
"I think I loooove you!"

Yeah, so I guess we did listen to the Jackson 5 a little bit this weekend.

Hey, we're working on sounding out words with 3B, so it's part of his curriculum to review the alphabet, right?

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  1. We teach them to read by letting them read comic books, so if he needs to know his ABC's then you sing Jackson 5.

  2. At least 3B will know why you want to dress him in all those fine threads from when you were a boy.