Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Running through planes

Our BabyCenter update for this week started with these words:

The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before.
Which means that we picked the perfect week to take her to the Joint Services Open House, aka the Thunderbirds air show. Now, I've heard some pretty loud T-birds before--they were backing up Bob Dylan at the Pantages in LA, but those guys had nothing on the birds we saw this weekend.

How loud was it? Hide your head in Mommy's lap loud.
Flight demo and a look from Mama

OK, that's not entirely fair. He did that for a short time before they even took off, and that may have been related more to his lack of a nap than the upcoming din. During the show, he was parked on my lap, with earplugs in place and my hands over his ears. I would peel my hands back a bit to let him know to look to the left or right, and after awhile, he would peel my hands back and tell me to look left or right.

Close, and cute, so we'll ignore the fact that he was unclear on the concept.

Honestly, most of day was spent running up and down ramps. The C5 was 3B's favorite because he could run up the back, through the plane and down the ramp out front as long as they had the nose cone open.
A boy who loves planes

Since Mama is more pregnant than I am, I was on chase duty all day, which was actually pretty fun. For not taking a nap and being in a loud, strange, weird place all day with few food options available, 3B did very well, only getting frustrated a couple of times. I didn't do so badly myself, given that I was operating in the same conditions.

And about that food--the boy is going to need to start liking pizza if he expects to get anything vegetarian to eat at carnie-food events like this. According to a random announcement in the middle of the day, there was a healthy food option somewhere on the grounds, but the closest we could find was the curly fries booth, which 3B was happy with as well.

After all the helicopters and planes, we settled in under the wing of yet another plane for the show. I would have taken pictures, but my hands were full of toddler ears. Besides, if you want to see the Thunderbirds, Google them yourself. Others have taken far better pictures than I could have.

Of course, one of the best parts of the day came on the way out: the moon bounce, which was run by a woman who appeared to be Gollum's mother. She terrified me, but had no effect on 3B, who ignored her with extreme prejudice, as only a two-year old can do, and went on bouncing.
Airborne again

Moon bounce!

Then it was time to start moving toward home, which meant retracing our steps: walk the length of the runway, catch a shuttle ride to FedEx Field where we parked our car, and then drive the 45 minutes home.

Along the way we had to stop to examine items of interest, such as the rubber between concrete blocks on the runway.
Look, a crack in the concrete!

And another helicopter.
The view from on top

Detours like these are why we get started well before we need to get anywhere--if we plan ahead. But we did eventually make it onto that shuttle bus.
"This was your bright idea, Papa."

Yes, pregnant Mama is carrying our sleepy boy. In my defense, he asked for her and note from the camera angle that I was standing, while she was sitting and I was also carrying the stroller.

OK, none of that makes a bit of difference after Mama spent a full day trooping around behind her two boys while her baby girl to be was making her foot bones feel as if they were rubbing on each other with every step she took. Mama had this periodically when she was pregnant with 3B too. It's as unpredictable as the cramps she gets in her belly at times when she's walking.

So, I probably deserve that look she's giving me, even if she does admit that 3B did have some fun.

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  1. Mama is the biggest, bestest trooper ever!

  2. I agree and I told her you said as much and it made her very happy, so thanks for that. Even if you did say she's the biggest. I'll leave that between you mamas--that's something you won't hear me saying.

  3. Only the best Mamas take the kids to all the good places like your mother did. She understands that 3B needs someone soft at the end of the day, or even in the middle for a rest.

  4. True. And last weekend we took him camping, so I think we've covered the gamut.

  5. Noise! You've reminded me going to see the Return of the King three nights before dudelet was born. Basically, everytime there was a loud noise, he kicked. Hard. And The Return of the King is one long battle scene of large monsters hitting other large monsters over the head. Loudly.

  6. We went to see movies almost every day at the end of our first pregnancy. I don't know how it affected 3B, although he does always want us to make the music "as loud as it can go."