Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some days you're the pen, some days you're the paper

On this particular day, 3B was the pen and the paper. My shirt was also briefly the paper. I guess now we'll see if these new stamp pens really are washable.


Last night, 3B enjoyed some new paper in a more relaxed setting.


These books came from Aunt S, who had overheard on her last visit that he loved the one book we had, which was given to me by Dad and Mom many moons ago. She sent along a stack of 15 or so Berenstain Bears books in a box that 3B could hardly wait to open.

When we got through our front door, I went to get a knife to cut the tape open, but 3B flipped the box over and opened up the bottom, which had tape he could tear through. Once he saw it was a stack of books, he insisted that I sit down right there with him in the foyer and read two of them to him.

We've since gone through the rest of the books, some of them several times, which has allowed 3B to pick up key phrases--"You shut up!" which he deploys in proper context, so that's fun--and key concepts. 3B, who regularly takes on personas from Johnny Cash to Alison Krauss, now takes on the persona of Tuffy, the girl bully bear from the book on bullying.

Somehow, I'm thinking that the moral of that little tale hasn't really sunk in yet. Or we're in for some fun when 3B gets to kindergarten. I don't know which will be more fun--the parent-teacher conference about the bullying or about the pink skirt and headband he's sporting.

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  1. Usually teachers are not too keen on the latest fashion so brace yourself for the bully talk.

  2. I am sure you and the teacher will have plenty to talk about. Maybe he will learn to defend his fashion statements in an appropriate manner.

  3. Okay so....the B Bears aren't super popular these days, are they?
    I hardly see their stuff ANYWHERE!

    ....but....I loved them growing up. And when I found the mother-load of them at a local thrift store, I bought them all! They were 66 cents each. I loaded up.
    Gage loves them too. His current favorite: The B Bears & the Missing Dinosaur Bone!

    I tell ya what...our kids really are freaky-deaky alike!

  4. Actually, I'm sure he'll charm his teacher into submission. He's good like that.

    L-P: Yeah, I don't see their stuff anywhere either...except around our house. It's funny, I didn't have much B-Bears stuff growing up, maybe just the one book, but I liked it and remembered it well when I found it again. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.