Monday, May 18, 2009

There's a tick on my back! Oh wait, maybe not...

This morning was like any other until I found a tick on my back while I was in the shower at work after riding my bike in. I woke up at 6 as always, started making breakfast for Mama and myself, did my pushups and the ab workout from hell (courtesy of Michael David) on the living room carpet, walked the dog, changed into my bike clothes, packed up my panniers and headed out for work.

Everything was normal on my ride, although my chain keeps skipping off the cassette when I'm accelerating from a dead stop or powering up a hill. I think it's a stuck link, but I haven't had the time to confirm or take it to Spokes to find out. I thought about our fun weekend at the air show, how many blog posts I've written during these bike commutes, only to forget as soon as I arrive at work--not to mention all the bikeus I've lost along the way.

At work everything was normal too. I said good morning to everyone in the locker room--that's been one weird thing about my new job at an environmental organization: being with lots of fellow bike commuters, rather than being the only one. Then I was thinking through my upcoming day as I showered when I suddenly felt a large lump on my back.

My mind immediately went to our recent camping trip. Shit! I have a tick. I felt around it some more. Correction: Shit! I have the mother of all ticks! On my back! I'm in the shower at work, which is the size of a toothpick box. Shit! So I pulled on it to see if it was really attached--but crap, this thing was so large, I was sure it was bolted on pretty good. It felt totally engorged.

I gave one final tug and it popped off in my hand. I didn't even think--I just brought it around to look at it and came face to face with an adhesive jewel that 3B had peeled off of the Mother's Day frame he made for Mama at school, then dropped on the living room carpet. I must have lay down on it to do my ab workout and ground it into my back, so it was pretty well fixed on there.

Needless to say, that wiped the brilliant blog post I'd written on the ride from my mind. Good news for all six of you loyal readers, I suppose.

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  1. s short2:19 AM

    Hahaha! Did you start itching just at the thought of it? I did. hahaha...

  2. I think the adrenalin rush wiped out any urge to itch.

  3. So your son really ticks you off?

  4. He ticks me. I tick me off...take my tick off? Something.

  5. This is brilliant. This made me laugh so hard.

  6. Yeah, we can all laugh about it now. Glad you got a laugh out of it.

  7. I was just laughing so hard at you.

    I got a tick when we went camping.
    Not a little brown tick.
    I got a big ol' country-dog-tick. It was awful. Awful.
    That was...gosh, 4 or more years ago. I have only RECENTLY considered camping again.

    ewwwwwwwwwwww ticks.

    but you, and your fabulous back-bling? sparkly.

  8. Next time you go camping, I'm going to leave adhesive rhinestones strewn throughout your campsite.

    But I'm glad I made you laugh.

  9. Sign him up for dance team... they bling everything. I mostly pull them out of my washer and put thim is a little cup on the dryer.

  10. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I guess it's better than getting something stuck on that chest rug ya got up front.

    But really, ticks are ick. Good thing it was sparkly instead.

  11. Hey, if that thing had been stuck on my chest, it would still be there.