Friday, July 17, 2009

3B goes to commando camp

This week, seeing as how he wasn't a little coxsacker--no, seriously, he had coxsackie virus, which he then gave to me, leaving Mama with two coxsackers to tend to...wait...where was I?

Oh yeah...this week, 3B got to go to the second week of his first session of camp. Camp? Really? In the woods, with furry animals and tents, not so much. Camp is what the call summer sessions at his school.

School? Really? All day with books and lessons and homework and tests? No, not so much. Now that he's (almost) three (in three days), 3B goes to three half days of school every week. There is learning--there's a music teacher and a creative movement teacher (didn't they used to be called gym teachers?)--and they do crafts and learn songs and games, but he's not getting into trigonometry.

And so camp is much the same, although there are more instructors and there is water. Every day they get to play in the big wading pool with sprinklers and toys and things. And there seems to be more time dedicated to play. Friday was Messy Mania, with pools of shaving cream and Jell-O and "all kinds of things," according to our little man.

Apparently it was lots of fun, although I think 3B reveals so few details about his day, I'm afraid he spends it at CIA training. At least he's got the hat for some jungle commando work.

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  1. Summer Camp, Water... too much fun!!

    Thanks for the reminder to get your stuff in a box and to the post office.