Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to...what's your name again?

They say it's your birthday, well, it's my birthday too...er...sort of, but, like, three days ago.

OK, those lyrics aren't as good as John and Paul's, but it's true that it's my sister's birthday today, as all of France knows, based on their celebrations today.

She's lucky enough to have her birthday when 3B is old enough to give her this gift--and on a day when I'm awake enough in the morning to capture him when he's at his best.

So, everyone sing along...Happy Birthday to Aunt Cathy...er...Quaatchi...or someone, Happy Birthday to you!

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  1. LOVE IT.

    Thank you everyone... hearts and hugs and kisses


  2. I am glad to see he knows who all his relatives are. Even Quatchii. Good show.

  3. It was a good show. I'm not sure if he realizes what he's gotten himself into, with all of his aunts and uncles on my side and all of his great aunts and uncles on Mama's side. He might have to do one of these every day.

  4. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Hey man. I need a singer in the band. One that has not become all pilled out.

    TCB on backing the King.

  5. Not all pilled out, although he does love him his gummy vitamin every morning. We'll send him along with his red notebook in that bag with all the songs he stole.

  6. Well if every time he sings Happy Birhtday he gets to eat cake, he will be happy that there is so much family!

  7. Oh, he's happy for his family, even without the cake. The bigger the audience, the better, after all.