Friday, August 07, 2009

EPO and pregnancy: Mama begins doping for delivery

Yesterday was another good one for 3B and it was the day Mama started doping in preparation for her upcoming delivery.

Mama and 3B headed out to Jammin' Java expecting to see Oh Susannah, but were pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Skip had replaced her on the schedule. On the way home, Mama managed to squeeze in a trip to Harris Teeter. It's easier to get 3B in and out of there than some other stores since they have free cookies by the front door.

After that, it was home for more playing, lunch and a snooze. Also, Mama somehow managed to prepare a delicious dinner that we shared with 3B's babysitter of yore, Ms. A. She was his babysitter while Mama and I took training rides to prepare for our century ride, and we found out last night that she's willing to babysit again when we head to the hospital to deliver 3B's baby sister, which is good news all around.

That's just about the final preparation we needed to make to be ready for the trip to the hospital. We have the car seat, the new crib (replacing 3B's recalled death trap), the double stroller, the hand-me-down clothes for the baby's first six months from a generous friend, the teeny tiny (will she really be that small?) diapers, and the pig who will play music during delivery.

We also have Mama's EPO. That's right, Mama is taking EPO to prepare for delivery--that's Evening Primrose Oil, for the uninitiated. It was mentioned in our hypnobirthing classes as a good supplement to prepare Mama's cervix for delivery, and then our midwife/doctor practice also recommended it, so Mama ordered some up from Amazon.

The midwife handed Mama a reminder sheet--they're familiar with what pregnancy does to parents' brains--that abbreviated Evening Primrose Oil as EPO. It's a clear sign that Mama has been spending too much time with me that she looked at that and said, "I can't take EPO!" before remembering that this was EPO, not EPO.

Now that we have all the stuff, we're getting to that point when we're focusing closer on the delivery and whatever we can do to make it easier. Or maybe that's just the guy in me who needed to have the tools on hand before he could focus on the emotional and physical parts of having a baby. Last night, after dinner, Mama had a cup of red raspberry tea, which is also supposed to prepare her cervix for delivery.

Ms. A decided that she'd just have Sleepytime tea instead, not really needing any cervix preparation. That reminded me of a moment in hypnobirthing when the instructor started us on a new exercise, which she said was mostly for the moms but that the dads could participate in. We started with relaxation breathing and then she led us through some visualizations during which she said, "Now, I want you to breathe through your vagina."

Mama looked over at me and said, "Good luck with that one, champ."

Now, I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that's not what that part of the body is for. Or capable of.

I'm down with doing whatever it takes to make this delivery easy--hell, I'll even have a cup of the tea to keep you company--but I have to say, Mama, that you're on your own with the vagina breathing.

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  1. I'm all for doing whatever works to move that little one out as easily as possible. I am sure Mama has had plenty of summer and baby.

  2. Fortunately, while y'all--or at least your sister--have cooked out there this summer, we've had a remarkably mild season. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s, opposed to our typical highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s. Yes, that 10 degrees really makes a difference, especially with an A/C that's on its last legs. Of course, I've now just jinxed us into the hottest August on record...

  3. We are warmer here on the dry side of the Cascades than she is on the coast. Lots warmer. It was over 100 by the time I was done swimming last Saturday, which was typical of the last week. The temperature I mentioned on Twitter was at 7:34 AM. Yesterday and today are the first two cool days in a long time. The only AC here is in the car or the pool.

    I am glad it has been cooler for Mama and baby.

  4. Hilarious! Good luck, Mama!

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Have a cup of tea.

    Dude, Harris Teeter? I must admit that sounds like some kind of store for snaggle-toothed Okies.

  6. We actually refer to it as Harris Tata, but we're both 12-year old boys.