Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting testy

Something has been keeping me busy, so I'm only just now getting around to posting this video of the carnival we went to in June.

Maybe it's this mild summer weather that's been distracting, no, that's not it. Maybe it was switching from a bus to a bike, no, that's given me more energy, so that's not it. Maybe it's something with, what could that be?

Oh yeah, that's it--we're pregnant. And yes, we're still pregnant.

Tomorrow we go for a non-stress test and an amniotic fluid index in the afternoon at the hospital, after which we either get to come home or go upstairs to be induced into labor.

Uh, what now?

If we pass that test, then we have another checkup on Monday, during which they'll tell us when we can schedule our inducement appointment. We'd like it to be later in the week--say, Friday night--but our doctors and midwives are waiting to see the results of the tests before they agree to that.

Right now, they're not inclined to agree with that, so it looks like, one way or another, we'll have a baby by the end of next weekend. Knock on wood, fingers crossed, god willing, creek don't rise and all that.

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  1. Exciting times!

    Whatever happens, good luck. Is 3B proud that he did such a good job at being him, he convinced you it was worth the effort to try the second installment?

  2. What a great video!
    ....until the swings part, and I almost got motion sickness here at my desk. I had to look away...
    It looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

  3. MrJ: I don't think 3B has or could make that connection. When he's older, perhaps.

    L-P: Thanks. I got the same feeling on the spin-and-puke apples that we rode on at the start of the carnival. Fortunately, parents weren't allowed on most of the other rides--except the roller coaster, as you saw.

  4. He's going to love to watch all these videos of him when gets older! How cute! I do not trust carnival rides, however. The only way you'll get me to go to one of those is if you promise me fried dough. :)

  5. Don't you mean fried dough on a stick? Also, best to eat that before you go on the Spin N' Puke.