Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grammy don't take no mess

Grammy arrived yesterday afternoon. I picked up our babysitter and her boyfriend at the airport after their trip to Chicago and made sure she got safely home.

Now the only woman we're waiting on to arrive is 3B's little sister. I'm sure she'll arrive when she's damn well ready, and not a moment before.

But to keep the little girl from getting too comfortable in there and perhaps thinking she could hang out for awhile longer, Grammy took Mama and 3B to pick peaches, apples and raspberries today. Yes, today, when the forecast calls for it to be about 173 degrees here in Northern Virginia. Humidity levels are due to make walking feel like swimming.

I know what response I would get if I suggested this to my lovely wife...mostly because I did suggest it a few weeks back, when the mercury was only rising to about 138 degrees. She said something about "Not going to find me hinching over some shrubs, pulling up..." and then there was cursing and gesticulating and I suddenly found a project in the next room that needed my attention.

But nobody argues with Grammy, who says it's time for her granddaughter--her first granddaughter--to be born.

Got that, little girl?

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