Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thankful for what we got

What we've had today:

  • An introduction to Wonder Pets
  • Breakfast on the couch
  • A swim lesson
  • A snack in the car
  • Birthday cake
  • Two juice boxes
  • A fun time playing Auntie's drums with J
  • A good time playing with a party favor bag
  • Two poopy diaper changes within 20 minutes
  • A fun time coloring
  • Stories read to us by Grammy
  • A nap (we hope...the verdict's not quite in on this one)

What we haven't had today:
  • A baby
And we're thankful for what we got...

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  1. Okay, we will keep waiting. Let Mama know she looks really good in that white outfit she was wearing. Black is not the only color that hides size.

  2. Have you seen the latest picture on Flickr? We're a little past hiding it.

  3. Did you really want a baby? Does she really want you? I hope she did not change her mind. I know Mama wants one right now.