Thursday, August 20, 2009

Timing and delivery

Yesterday, Mama went to her weekly checkup with 3B and Grammy. The midwife said Mama was dilated to 3 centimeters, which is how far she was dilated when we arrived at the hospital to have 3B, so she's already ahead of where she was last time without any real contractions yet.

Let's hear it for moms' amazing bodies and their ability to not only remember what to do but also to learn from the last birth to make the next one easier.

Because 3B's baby sister is in the 90th percentile for size--just as her brother continues to be--and 3B was late, the midwife suggested sweeping Mama's membranes to see if she could prompt labor to start a little earlier, while baby girl is still a little smaller. Mama said OK, but the midwife couldn't do it because every time she went to do it, baby girl floated up away from her. The midwife did touch her head, however.

Touched her head.

It gets more real every day.

This all did make Mama a little nervous that she wouldn't be able to deliver, that she would have to have a c-section, I talked her down from the ledge last night. I'll also go into the next appointment to ask questions and help avoid an inducement before 42 weeks--unless there's a risk to Mama or baby girl, of course.

I reminded Mama that 3B was big--9 pounds--and late--10 days late--and she was a champion delivering him. I also reminded her that her body's got a jump start this time, which means that it remembers what to do and how to do it, which should make things easier. I also moved the yoga ball into the living room, so Mama could sit on that--it's supposed to help the baby drop down into Mama's pelvis.

Mama said it wasn't too comfortable, but then again, what is at this point?

That left the couch to 3B, Grammy and me. We were on the couch as Mama finished up some work for the day, looking at an art project that 3B had done with Auntie D--also nine months pregnant--who came over to play yesterday.

Grammy: Tell Daddy what that shape is.
3B: A triangle.
Grammy: And what did you make it with?
3B: What?
Grammy: What did you use to make the triangle?
3B: What?
Grammy: Did you use a stamp?
3B: Yes.
Grammy: What did Deborah use to make the stamp?
3B: What?
Grammy: Tell Daddy.
3B: No. You tell me.
Grammy: OK, I'll whisper it to you. (whispers it to 3B) Now tell Daddy.
3B: (silence) Whisper it again.
Grammy: (whispers it to 3B) Now tell Daddy.
3B: (silence) Whisper it again.
Grammy: (whispers it to 3B) Now tell Daddy.
3B: (looks at me, takes his thumb out of his mouth, pauses, then, in deadpan) She keeps saying, "potato."
Maybe you had to be there...but take it from me, that kid has perfect comedy timing and delivery.

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  1. Touched her head?! OMG. O...M...G. Crazy!!!

  2. It will all be okay and the baby will arrive when she is good an ready. My last did not have contractions (they have ways of fixing that) but I was leaking and he appeared none the same.

    Last time you had a baby I was on my way north and I got the phone call on the road. I will be traveling the same road on Saturday..... baby Lauren?

  3. Stop poking me in the head already. Has the red thingy popped out to indicate that the turkey is fully cooked? If not, it is not time yet. It will be soon.

    Your son is hilarious, just to keep you busy until it is time.

  4. Percentiles-schmentiles. They told me Lil C was going to be 10 lbs. She came out at 7 lbs. 10 oz. I can vouch for the fact that the second time, your body knows how to do it better. Despite a head in the 95th percentile, I didn't even have tearing with the second. Mama will be just fine. ;-)