Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ballad of a thin dad

The older I get, the less I know.

Recently, some things have happened. Not necessarily in the order I describe them. Also, some things that have happened recently are not included in this list. Their omission is not the fault of those things, nor does it imply anything about the quality of those things; rather, it's a reflection of my memory, or lack thereof.

One week before his baby sister was born, 3B got his first two freckles--one on his arm and one on his leg. Since then, I think I've seen a cluster of very light freckles on the back of one of his hands. As a fish-belly-whiteskinned blondie myself, all I can say is welcome to that, 3B.

One week after she was born, 3B's little sister rolled over from her front to her back. She's supposed to do this at about 4-6 months. Yes, I'm proud and all, but really? Can we not get a break around here? For, like, 5 minutes?

Grammy left Tuesday morning and is already sorely missed. She did so much with so little effort, it's still hard to comprehend. If you can spare a thought for the kids during this month that she's gone, consider helping them return to the level of care she provided by sending some freshly cooked meals, clean clothes and exciting books to read. If you're close enough, you could even stop by to play fun games, have a sleepover with 3B and snuggle with him in the morning, and keep Mama and I updated on what's happening in the world outside this condo.

3B comes home every day with a report on his day at preschool. On today's, in the Notes section, was this: Such nice manners! Yes, I'm proud, but where did those manners go tonight when, after rejecting his nap, he hit and spit at me?

Baby girl had her two-week appointment today, and passed all of her tests with flying colors: her umbilical cord fell off a few days ago and she's half a pound heavier than she was at birth, which is half a pound more than they are looking for, so she's not having any trouble nursing. She does have an umbilical hernia and a likely blocked tear duct, both of which should clear up soon. To celebrate, we gave her her second bath in the sink (as opposed to a sponge bath over the sink). To celebrate, she crapped in the bathwater in the sink.

3B found the keyboard today that we were going to give him as a new-big-brother gift, but then stalled on and were going to give him for Christmakwanzukkah. "What in the world is this," he asked when he found it. Then, as he set it down in the living room to open it, he said, "Wowie zowie!" I do love this kid. And the concert at the dinner table made it all worthwhile.

[Update: How is it that 3B came out this morning and after walking out of the room last night while I was demoing all the sounds of the keyboard for him, sat down and went through them one by one: 1 is music box, 2 is mandolin (but I call it banjo), 3 is organ, 4 is piano, and so forth? Also, how is it that last night, when the demo tunes were playing, he started humming along with the Ode to Joy immediately? Is Beethoven part of our collective unconscious?]

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  1. Yeah, I like him. The other family trait he appears to have inherited is impatience: When he gets it already, and you keep explaining it to him, he starts rolling his eyes and checking his watch, and he wanders out of the room to find a place where the people are really up to speed.

    And it's good to know that Little Sister was not wasting her extra time with Mama before she was born, but was apparently cramming for the first several months, so she could ace every test and maybe skip a grade. They'll be good for each other, learning and growing together, as the rest of us in the generation before dodder off into the field of senility.

  2. You will catch up on how to keep up with them in time. Of course it helps that as you figure out what you really need to take with you when you go out and lighten the load that Baby Sister will space out her needs a little and make the job easier that way too.

    Have fun on the plane. Bring all the instruments.

  3. I love those kids. Nice to see you are starting to get those notes that all the rules change with the second child.

  4. I'm on my way! Just let me know when is a good time and what you all want for dinner? Frozen Custard perhaps;)

  5. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Wow -- 3B didn't have freckles before now? How did that happen?

    Warm bathwater...nothing else gets things moving quite that way.

    Great -- now I have "Ode to Joy" running through my head, and I don't even have a cool keyboard to play with. *Thanks*

  6. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Dudelet's also been gathering freckles, inherited from both supermum (who has the redhead genes) and me. Actually, I've got a few stray redhead genes myself.

    We spend an awful lot of money on high factor sun block in our house...