Friday, September 18, 2009

Desperate househusband

It's been four hours, and I miss my little girl.

Yesterday, I got a call from work--a colleague needed assistance on an urgent project--that led me to check my work email. When I did, I saw an email that needed immediate attention, so I have been temporarily sucked back in.

So it was that this morning, after dropping 3B off at preschool, I went to work, by which I mean that I went down the street to Starbucks.

I've been here four hours now, which has been productive time, in part because I'm working frantically since somewhere in my lizard brain I feel like if I work faster, I'll get to see Mama and baby girl sooner. But the reality is that now there's no time to go home before I pick up 3B, so it will be some time yet before I see them.

It makes me wonder how soon Obama can get us to that socialist utopia in which none of us have to work, and can spend all day playing with our children.

I'm fairly sure that I inherited my outlook from Dad--about spending all day playing with my kids, not about socialism--who loved his time with us. And he had a lot of time with us, since he got up--switched on like a light bulb is how Mom put it--at 6 a.m. every morning.

Apparently that's something that 3B has inherited from Dad, since he was up at 6 a.m. this morning. I went in and tried to get him to snuggle back down, but 3B sat bolt upright in bed. I asked if he'd had a bad dream or needed anything. He said, "No. I don't want to be asleep."

What's a dad to do?

Head out to the living room and turn on the TV, that's what. For the record, it was an episode of Curious George and one of Sesame Street, plus one reading of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. By the end of those, we were both awake, fed and mostly dressed without even a meltdown.

But of course there was a meltdown--complete with screaming and banging right outside of the door to our room, where Mama was trying to sleep with baby girl. If you think that didn't set me off, you've clearly confused me with another dad...perhaps one without a gene for red hair.

After a time out for 3B and me, we were back on track and out the door on time for school, which is the first time I've managed that, so I suppose it's a good thing he was up at 6. Sort of.

Then it was back to work for me...sort of. One of the parts of the day that I'll miss after I go back to work for real will be the opportunity to be a mom. After I dropped off 3B, I sat in the lobby with a couple of other moms chatting about kids, their behavior, and life in general. I could talk with parents about kids all day. It's got to be my favorite topic.

Mom did say I'd make a good house husband.

Speaking of which, my meter has expired and it's time to get back to leave, get back to school, and get back to my family.

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  1. Just because Mama is still sleeping is no reason for you to have a meltdown outside the door, trying to get back in.

    Other than that, you are an awesome dad. Keep up the good work. You might also get your social butterfly gene from your dad too. (mom said he had one)

  2. I missed my girl so much, I brought her home for dinner. She is having a nice visit with the washing machine too.