Tuesday, September 08, 2009

For family only

I suppose that all of you other blog voyeurs might watch this too, but really, it's something like eight minutes long, which is something like seven and a half minutes longer than most of our attention spans--I know of whence I speak, being a blog voyeur myself.

Besides, it's nothing a voyeur would be interested in--just an unvarnished look at our lives on a Sunday before we had 3B's baby sister, without a soundtrack or titles or credits.

Nothing but a morning talk about baseball, a trip to the playground to climb ropes and slides, snack time on the water, fishing and splashing, some reading, a hot slide guitar session and, of course, story and bed time.

See, now you know everything that happens, so what's the need to watch it? Nothing to see here, move right along. There's plenty of the internet wave left to surf beyond this.

Unless, of course, you just can't stand not knowing. Unless of course, you just can't stand missing anything. Unless, of course, you're wondering what really happens...wondering if I'm really telling the truth.

See, I wouldn't lie to you. You really should trust me. Besides, there's going to be another lazy Sunday video to watch tomorrow--this one with both kids in it.

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  1. I love that kid and need another 8 hours of video just like that. Of course now you can do little ads of his sleeping baby sister.

    I think it is obvious why we need bare beepies at the park. Nice to see he is being raised properly.

    I have always put bait on the hook when fishing, never thought kicking up the bubbles. I should try that when I fish.

  2. He raises himself, I just try to keep up, including with the bare foot movement. Usually I'm commanded to strip my feet bare too. Fortunately, I don't mind.

  3. That is the quickest trip to Virginia that I have ever taken. I am pleased that it shows all the highlights. Unscheduled time is the best time.

    Anxiously awaiting the next installment. . .

  4. You're in luck. I just posted it.