Saturday, September 05, 2009

Our 3 year old, the Marlboro man

This morning we had baby girl's first check up, which she passed with flying colors. It was funny the difference between 3B's and his sister's. At his first appointment, we came armed with questions and took notes. At this one, we all just tried to get out alive.

Honestly, 3B was a rock star throughout. Of course, it's his doctor's office too, so he was familiar with it and loved playing in the waiting room. He was fascinated by his sister's check up, although he was skeptical when the nurse practitioner checked her eyes.

The worst part was when they offered us all flu shots, which we were glad to get--except 3B, who doesn't like surprises. There was crying and gnashing of teeth, although we didn't quite get to the rending of garments. And we bought him off with some gummy worms afterward, hoping he would associate the flu shot with the treat following.

Yeah, right.

Next time we'll give him more warning, and maybe even take notes or something. But even the nurse practitioner was laid back. Her counsel was: You're second-time parents. You'll know if something's wrong. If it is, call us. I was just glad she didn't refer us to child protective services after 3B's waiting room soliloquy.

He was listing things he is and things he likes and ended on a crescendo, fixing a pen cap between his lips, "I like to smoke pipes!"

Thank you, Curious George.

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  1. I am thinking that since it is a pediatritian's office, your little group is the least of what they have seen. At least he didn't go into the Herb the Vegetarian Dragon skit.

    They understand parents well, and know that you have already seen a lot. Of course the new baby will bring many additional things to the table, things you won't expect. You didn't read the part in the parent handbook that says, all the rules change with the second one (and the third and the fourth.)

  2. So far, I like the rule changes: she sleeps and she takes a pacifier. Some things never change, however, she doesn't know how to poop any better than her brother did when he came out.